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Drive in, Fly out!— Company slogan

Red Rocket Corp,[1] simply known as Red Rocket, was a pre-War company that operated a nationwide chain of filling stations for automobiles, characteristic for their Raygun Gothic architecture.


The company started its rise in an age when gasoline and diesel were still used as fuel.[2] The fossil fuel market crash and the beginning of the Resource Wars in 2052 and the invention of practical fusion energy cells in 2066,[Non-game 1] Red Rocket expanded rapidly nationwide, offering fusion and coolant refilling services,[3] as an early adopter, though gasoline and diesel continued to be sold throughout franchise locations,[4] specifically to appeal to those who owned pre-atomic/non-converted vehicles.[5] On the east coast, Red Rocket held a veritable monopoly on the market for this reason.[Non-game 2][Non-game 3] Many of its gas stations had the capacity to refill nuclear engines.[6]

Red Rocket was very conscious about their public image, particularly concern for the environment,[7] as well as family friendliness.[8] While customers were treated with care, if any posed any threat to the family-friendly image of the company, they were to be eliminated.[9][Non-game 4] By 2076, customer satisfaction rates were stated to be extremely high.[10] Employees were expected to make every effort to reduce waste. One element of these efforts was the annual Trashbusters Award given to Red Rocket stations and stores who demonstrated the greatest year-to-year waste reduction.[11] Trashbuster recommendations could be given via mailing Trashbuster Recommendation Card through standard shipping rates.[12] At certain areas, inspections were skin-deep, however, and unscrupulous franchise operators could win it simply by dumping their waste out of sight.[13]


  • Red Rocket stations provided refueling services for fossil fuel and for nuclear engines. The latter included refueling the onboard reactors and replacing the spent coolant. Coolant was available in at least two varieties: Coolant A ($103.99 per unit) and Coolant C ($113.99 per unit). Smaller stations, known as Automobile Service Stations, were little more than an awning with the characteristic rocket and filling pumps delivering fuel and coolant recharges from underground tanks, promising high-tech fuel with better competition than competitors.[14] Depending on the region, some stations were completely automated and others served as both a fuel station coupled with mechanic services.[Non-game 5] They also sold acetone and offered patent-pending "Premium Hi-Octane coolant."[15]
  • Large Red Rocket stations went beyond the usual vending machines and included complete convenience stores with local and national brands, including Nuka-Cola soft drinks, slushies, tourist pamphlets, and Grey Tortoise cigarettes.[16][17][18] The facilities offered car washing services, frequently bundled with refueling, along with fully Automated Diners open 24/7, offering foods like burgers, made from bio-engineered ingredients, incorporating precise proportions and flawlessly seared beef.[19][20][21][22] Clients could choose between full service by a station attendant, self-service, or automated service while robots provided car washes.[23]


Fallout 3[]

Fallout 3
Name Photo Directions
On the main street, south of the residents' houses
Bethesda ruins
FO3 RR Bethruins
West of the ruins
Big Town
Rockbreakers Last Gas
Right outside of the town
Car dealership
FO3 RR Corvega 2
Northeast of this location
Corvega factory
FO3 RR Corvega
To the south of the factory under the monorail tracks
Friendship Heights
Willys grocer
West-northwest of the station
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop
Jockos Pop Gas Stop
Next to the steel shack
Old Olney
Springvale Red Rocket gas stop
A random encounter location
Rockbreaker's Last Gas
FO3 RR Rockb
Directly west
FO3 RR Springv
On the main street
Smith Casey's garage
Smith Caseys garage
Near an army roadblock
Willy's grocer
Willys grocer
Across the street
Tenpenny Tower
Fo3 Red Rocket Tenpenny
East of the tower, a random encounter location

Fallout 4[]

Fallout 4
Atom Cats garage
Atom Cats garage
East of Neponset Park
Red Rocket truck stop
FO4 RR Concord
Near Sanctuary Hills
Fort Hagen filling station
North of Fort Hagen
College Square
FO4 RR College admin
To the northwest
Big John's Salvage
FO4 RR Big John
Near the ruined house to the northeast
Natick Banks
FO4 Red Rocket in Natick
Across from the church
Glowing Sea
Red Rocket Glowing Sea
In the Glowing Sea
FO4 Red Rocket in Lexington
Next to Slocum's Joe
FO4 Nahant (Red Rocket)
On the end of the T intersection by the Nahant Sherrif's Department
Mass Pike Tunnel east
To the northwest towards Mass Pike Tunnel east
FO4 RR Kendall
Located to the east of Kendall Hospital.
FO4 RR Quincy
To the west
Neponset Park
Northwest of the park
Easy City Downs
FO4 RR Easy City
Northwest of the track
Electrical Hobbyist's Club
FO4 RR Electri Hob
To the north
Egret Tours Marina
FO4 Egret Tours Marina (Red Rocket)
On the docks
Beaver Creek Lanes
Far Harbor (add-on)
To the southeast
Eden Meadows Cinemas
Far Harbor (add-on)
Between the cinema and National Park HQ
Southwest Harbor
Far Harbor (add-on)
On the docks
Nuka-World Red Rocket
Nuka-World (add-on)
Northeast of the park
Hubologist's camp
Nuka-World (add-on)
Southwest of Nuka-station

Fallout 76[]

Fallout 76
Abandoned Bog Town
Red Rocket Abandoned Bog Town
On the north side of Highway 65.
Big B's Rest Stop
FO76 Big B's Rest stop
The Mire
FO76 Flatwoods (Red Rocket)
Near the south side of town
Red Rocket Mega Stop
Ls redrocket
Savage Divide
Red Rocket filling station
FO76 Red Rocket filling station
Northwest of Vault 63
Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
Red Rocket Seneca
Along the main road
The Giant Teapot
Red Rocket Teapot
Near the roadside attraction
Valley Galleria
FO76 Location misc 27
Across from the welcome sign
FO76 Sutton Red Rocket 3
On the corner of 3rd and Main Streets
Berkeley Springs
Fo76 Berkeley Springs Red Rocket
Near the south side of town
FO76 Morgantown Red Rocket
North end of town, across the street from Morgantown High School
Mentioned Mentioned-only[24]


  • A Red Rocket station appears in the Fallout TV series.
  • At Red Rocket stations in the Capital Wasteland, at the base of a fueling station, where the gas pumps would be on an ordinary station, a dirty sign is visible that appears to say "Petroleum spirit. Highly flammable."
  • Red Rocket refueling stations are frequently near mechanic's workshops in the Capital Wasteland.
  • Red Rocket was able to sell biologically engineered foodstuffs at their local truck stops.[25]
  • The Red Rocket Collectron's idle dialogue include information about the gas station chain.[26]
  • The Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook mentions the company, describing it as a mythic influence over the people of the wasteland due to its pervasive, persistent iconography, and notes that by 2077, Red Rocket held a virtual monopoly on the East Coast, after transitioning from fossil fuels to fusion power. It was also one of the companies who was concerned with its environmental reputation and took steps to reduce waste and look after its customers. Finally, it also explains that it has automated a large number of its stations and operations, reflecting the sorry state of the national economy due to the ongoing Sino-American War.[Non-game 6][Non-game 3][Non-game 4]
  • At an unconfirmed date, Red Rocket had a vault installed underneath their headquarters, also known as Vaultopolis.[Non-game 6] The vault's location is discovered by the raider, Paula Plumbkin.


Concept art


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