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Red Death Island is an unmarked location southwest of the Island in 2287.


Red Death Island is a very small island off the coast of the Island, featuring prominently in The Great Hunt quest.

It measures barely 100 meters across and consists of nothing but bare rock and a narrow ring of sandy beach at the waterline. Numerous shipwrecks can be found in the vicinity, most of them run aground on the shallows surrounding the island. One boat has moored in a more controlled manner and can be boarded comfortably over a plank. Still, there is very little to be found in terms of loot or lore, and the island's sole inhabitant is the eponymous Red Death itself, a mythical sea monster as mysterious as it is feared by the people of Far Harbor.

There is a steamer trunk with loot found near the largest wreck on the island.


Red Death Island is not a separate area of the map, despite the screen fading to black during the beginning of The Great Hunt implying otherwise. It is actually located a distance southwest of the Island and can be reached by swimming. Haddock Cove is the closest marked location and a good starting point if one chooses to swim there, but even if Red Death Island is revisited after its associated quest, it does not receive a map marker, nor does the name show up on the screen, as it does with any other named location.


Red Death Island appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

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