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RedEye is the unseen host of Raider Radio in Nuka-World in 2287.


RedEye is the DJ for Raider Radio. He also plays the role of the PA system announcer during the quest Taken for a Ride. There are two stories describing the origin of his nickname told by himself in his radio broadcasts. The first ascribes it to him allegedly bursting every blood vessel in his eyes after extreme intoxication from a drinking contest and lifting a massive guy up above his head after his victory. The other is supposedly from when he first met Colter, saying that Colter called him RedEye due to his lack of sleep giving him bloodshot eyes and making him look "really cool."

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Taken for a Ride



  • RedEye denies a rumor that his real name is Russell, but the delivery implies that he's embarrassed that is, in fact, his real name and demands for everyone to "forget this Russell shit."[1]
  • The stories that RedEye tells on the radio are not consistent. For example, he has more than one story for how he got his name. In the same vein, he ascribes a song about lost love to "a friend," although it is obvious he is describing his own experience.
  • RedEye repeatedly claims that he could have been overboss himself, but only chooses not to. He also describes himself as highly competent and vital to the gangs he previously ran with.
  • He is the first radio broadcaster in the Fallout games to sing his own songs.
  • If the Nuka-World questline is completed by siding with the Nuka-World raiders, he will repeat the same news stories (e.g.; overboss claimed Safari Zone and gave it to the Operators, overboss captured the bottling plant and gave it to the Pack) as well as addressing the three gangs even if one of them was wiped out during the epilogue.
  • After being declared an enemy to the Nuka-World raiders, RedEye will have a reaction to betraying the raiders when they tune into Raider Radio: "Well, in case you ain't heard, things have gone from bad to totally screwed. Our new overboss has turned on us and has been wiping out Raiders left and right! The rest of you want to try and fight him/her? Go right ahead. As for me, I'm getting the hell out of here, consider this your official notice that Raider Radio is off the damn air FOREVER!" After that, Raider Radio will remain silent for the rest of the game.
  • After the events of Power Play if one has assigned a part of Nuka-World to the raider gang that rebelled, RedEye will still announce the territory's initial takeover but will omit the name of the raider gang that was assigned to the territory.


RedEye appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Playstation 4Playstation 4 Sometimes, even after killing the raider gangs and finishing Open Season, RedEye will still be broadcasting news of the Sole Survivor's achievements for the raider gangs. He will stop broadcasting this news when the player character tunes into the radio for some time.[verified]

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  1. RedEye: "General announcement: I don't know where this rumor started that my name is Russell, but... well, it's Redeye, okay? Just Redeye. Forget this Russell shit."
    (RedEye's dialogue)