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Recruitment Blues is a main quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 76.


The quest Back to Basic is required to be completed first before all of this quest can be completed due to needing to be a U.S. soldier to get access to the Brotherhood of Steel's most secure information on the fourth floor of Fort Defiance. This goes the same for proceeding onto Officer on Deck as MODUS won't allow new Enclave members full access to the Whitespring bunker's military wing until they are officially a member of the United States Armed Forces.

Quick walkthrough

  • Take the elevator to the top floor of Fort Defiance.
  • Register for elevator security.
  • Search for clues to bypass security.
  • Complete Back to Basic.
  • Obtain a military ID card by completing a series of steps involving collecting forms and talking to robot clerks at the Charleston DMV.
  • Register for the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Investigate the Brotherhood and scorchbeasts.

Detailed walkthrough

  • Take the elevator to the top floor.
    • In Fort Defiance, take a right at the locked door and head through the opening ahead. After taking another right, one will find an elevator with a laser grid blocking the path. To pass, one will need to register themselves in the fort's security system.
  • Register for elevator security.
    • Head back to the bulletin board and follow the hall and up the first ramp. Continue to the second and third floors until reaching another elevator with a laser grid block.
    • Use the terminal and select "Register new personnel."
    • Note: The terminal will say "Access denied." This is working as intended.
  • Search for clues to bypass security.
    • Head to the room at the other end of the hall, finding a note among the shelves near the middle of the room labeled "Squire Evelyn's Journal-- Page 16."
    • A military-issue ID is required, which can be obtained by completing basic training at Camp McClintock. If completed, the ID must be printed.
    • Note: The "military-issue ID" is the soldier's certificate received as a reward for completing Back to Basic, which is required to progress.
    • To have their ID printed, one will need to head to the DMV, located at the Charleston Capitol Building.
  • Survive the DMV.
    • Obtain a military-issue ID and head to the Charleston Capitol DMV near the Charleston Capitol building.
    • Use the terminal on the left side and select "Government ID Application." Fill out the information to complete the application.
    • DMV bot B2
      • Approach DMV bot B2 and print a number from the printer to the robot's right, one's number is C42.
      • Head to the computer terminal in the center of the room and select "Boot up Department B."
      • Fight off waves of feral ghouls as one waits for their number to be called.
      • Once one's number is called, speak with DMV bot B2. He'll ask the player character to retrieve a piece of mail.
      • Leave the DMV building and head directly west through the gap between the two other capital buildings. Turn right after going down the wooden staircase to find an old mailbox on the ground directly north of the blue tower next to a white arrow road sign and the remnant corner of a blue house with white trim. Loot the junk mail from it and head back to the DMV.
      • Back at the DMV, talk to DMV bot B2. He will ask one to retrieve another form.
      • A short distance up the hall find the "Blank DMV-AT-21C-V forms" in the Registrar's Office. Head back to the DMV and hand it over to DMV bot B2.
      • DMV bot B2 will redirect the player character to DMV bot C1.
    • DMV bot C1
      • Use the number printer next to DMV bot C1 to take a new number, one's number is A3.
      • Use the terminal in the center of the room to select "Boot up Department C."
      • Round 2: Fight off the waves of feral ghouls (including J47) while waiting for the number to be called. After it is called, speak to DMV bot C1.
      • Once DMV bot C1 finishes his coffee break, he will ask one to provide a valid birth certificate.
      • Use the terminal to learn about "Error 34B/1" and figure out why one's birth certificate isn't valid.
      • Find the "governor's seal" in the room to the south. Use it to stamp the document.
      • Head back to the DMV to turn in the validated application. Get one's picture taken and collect the new ID.
  • Register for the Brotherhood of Steel.
    • Travel back to Fort Defiance and head to the terminal at the top of the building.
    • Use the terminal to select "Register new personnel" and then "Scan military ID card." Now the player character will be registered as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.
    • With one's name registered in the Brotherhood of Steel database, they are now free to use the elevator.
    • Head to the fourth floor and enter the room at the end of the hall on the left.
  • Investigate the Brotherhood and Scorchbeasts
    • At the computer terminal here, select “URGENT: Touchdown Recovery” to complete the quest and trigger the next one, Belly of the Beast.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Take elevator to the top floorI found a note from a dead Brotherhood of Steel scribe saying I have to make it to the top floor of Fort Defiance. But there's some sort of security in the way.
? Register for elevator securityThe elevator leading to the top floor has top-notch military security. Maybe I can find a clue that will tell me how to beat it.
? Search for clues to bypass security
? Complete Basic TrainingCamp McClintock is an automated boot camp. The security at Fort Defiance is checking from a military ID, so if I enlist in the US Army, I should be in business.
? Get a Government-Issued IDI completed Basic Training and received my Soldier's Certificate. To get my military ID card I have to make a trip to the DMV at the Charleston Capitol building.
? Turn in ID Application to Department B
? Acquire a postmarked letter in CharlestonIn order to get a Government-IsssuedIn-game spelling ID I have to have proof of residency. I need to grab a piece of post-marked mail in Charleston.
? Acquire a DMV-AT-21C-V formThe junk mail's address doesn't match what I filled out on my form, so I have to fill out a supplemental form to get my ID card.
? Talk to DMV Bot B2
? Turn application in to C1
? Learn about Error 34B/1After waiting in another line, I learn that I need a valid Birth Certificate.
? Stamp 21C-V with Governor's SealSince I don't have a valid Birth Certificate, I have to get my form stamped with the Governor's Seal.
? Turn application in to C1
? Get photograph takenI've finally jumped though every hoop. Now I just need to get my photo taken and I'll have a valid Military ID Card.
? Register for the Brotherhood of SteelFinally, I have a Military ID Card. Now I can get to the top floor of Fort Defiance and find out what the Brotherhood of Steel knew about the Scorchbeasts.
?Quest finishedInvestigate the Brotherhood and Scorchbeasts


  • If Back to Basic has already been completed but the quest is not progressing, the soldier's certificate must be in the player character's inventory as opposed to the player character's stash.
  • If prompted to complete Recruitment Blues again after one has already completed it, one may need to take the soldier's certificate received as a reward for completing Back to Basic and put it into the stash box and take it back out again.[1]