Recon sensors are a mod available for power armor helmets in Fallout 4. They require Science! rank 2 to construct.


Recon sensors can be attached to any power armor helmet to give the player the ability to mark targets with a red compass pip. This pip can be seen through walls and barriers and tracks the target as they move.


In order to craft the recon sensors a power armor frame with the desired helmet piece attached must be installed at a power armor station.

Adhesive (See table)
Aluminum (See table)
Circuitry (See table)
Fiber optics (See table)
Icon range
Science! Rank 2
Icon level
Recon sensors (1)
Armor type Adhesive Aluminum Circuitry Fiber optics
T-45 4 3 2 3
T-51 5 4 2 4
T-60 6 4 3 4
X-01 7 5 4 5
Gametitle-FO4 CC Hellfire power armor 7 5 4 5


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