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The recon scope is a scope weapon mod for the .44 pistol and 10mm pistol in Fallout 4.


Recon scopes mark enemies on the HUD when targeted through the sight.


Adhesive (see table)
Aluminum (see table)
Circuitry (see table)
Crystal (see table)
Fiber optics (see table)
Nuclear material (see table)
Screw (see table)
Icon range
Icon level
Recon scope (1)
Weapon Adhesive Aluminum Circuitry Crystal Fiber optics Nuclear material Screw Base ID
.44 pistol 6 8 3 6 3 5 4 001acfaf
10mm pistol 5 6 3 6 2 4 4 ?


The recon scope can be crafted via the weapons workbench.

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