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Recon Craft Theta

The Recon craft Theta beacon is a radio signal, transmitted from a fallen alien recon craft, Theta.


It is a non-understandable language interrupted by bursts of static. The signal is on a loop, like an automated distress beacon. When reversed and slowed down, it says "the alien is never alive" (Also near the end you can hear it say "help me, help me") which is a reference to the fact that the concept of humanity making first contact through a dead alien is often found in works of science-fiction. Because of its limited range, a player can easily track the signal to its source. See the article on the alien crash site for much more information.

When the source of the signal is found, the player will encounter a downed recon craft with an alien corpse. The corpse cannot be searched. However, an alien blaster with 120 rounds of ammunition should be scattered nearby.


  • If you approach the crash site with the Mothership Zeta add-on, you will be abducted by aliens.
  • If you use the no-clip feature on the console by entering tcl and travel under the recon craft you will find a ham radio labeled recon craft Theta beacon. If you interact with it, text saying "See you later" will pop on-screen, similar to the Chinese radios.
  • With the Mothership Zeta add-on installed, the radio signal's range is greatly expanded, the player being able to hear the signal as far as Point Lookout. The ship is easy to find if you activate the quest "Not of this World" from your Pip-Boy's quests menu.
  • The recon craft is collected by a mothership named Zeta, a process which can be seen underway in Zeta's hangar shortly after the player boards the ship for the first time.
  • Upon completing Mothership Zeta, the radio signal will vanish. This most likely happens when recon craft Theta is collected by mothership Zeta.
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