Recon Squad Gladius is a squad of soldiers sent by the Brotherhood of Steel to search for valuable technology and documents in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Following the loss of Recon Squad Artemis, Recon Squad Gladius was formed, under the command of Paladin Danse, to investigate the Commonwealth. After several months of travel, the team of seven arrived in the region and was immediately attacked by raiders, who disabled Knight Keane's power armor and destroyed some of their supplies.

Following this attack, the squad made its way to Cambridge and chose to use the local police station as their base of operations, due to the site's strong structure, abundance of supplies and ammunition, and a long range communication antenna, which was presently only able to reach a small area. After fortifying the position, the group located and attempted to attack the Corvega assembly plant in nearby Lexington. The attack however was a failure, with Danse forced to call a retreat, Knight Brach being killed from a landmine, and Knight Worwick being mortally wounded, dying two days later.

Following this failure, the squad attempted to resupply by investigating Boston Airport and Fort Strong, where they were surprised by super mutants and Knight-Sergeant Dawes was killed. Afterwards, Haylen detected odd energy readings coming from the Institute. Wishing to report this to the main chapter, Haylen began attempts to fully repair the police station's antenna, but was unable to with the parts available.

Later, the police station came under assault by large numbers of feral ghouls. While Haylen used the communication gear to send out a short range distress call, the squad attempted to fight off the ghouls, resulting in the death of Knight Keane.



Recon Squad Gladius appears only in Fallout 4.