Recon Squad Artemis, officially Recon Team 429-Alpha, was a squad of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers investigating the Commonwealth ahead of the rest of the chapter.


Following the success of another recon squad four years prior, Recon Squad Artemis, led by Paladin Brandis, was sent to investigate the Commonwealth for technology and information in 2284. Not long after arriving in the region, they were attacked by a large group of assailants. Four of the team's knights, including Knight Varham, were killed and the three survivors were forced to flee.

Taking refuge within the nearby National Guard training yard, Paladin Brandis and Field Scribe Faris left to investigate the Revere satellite array, during which time Knight Tara Astlin was overwhelmed by feral ghouls and killed.

At Revere, Brandis attempted to return to Astlin and Faris was wounded, resulting in him bleeding to death. Brandis was unable to reach either Faris or Astlin, and fled to Recon Bunker Theta, hoping the two of them would retreat to there as well. Over the next three years, Brandis spent much of his time either within the bunker, scouting the region, or attempting to find the other members of his team.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

In 2287, the Sole Survivor may be tasked by Paladin Danse, leader of Recon Squad Gladius, to investigate Artemis's fate, or they may stumble upon the team's distress beacons by accident. Following the distress beacons and listening to their holotapes will eventually lead the Survivor to Recon Bunker Theta, where they would confront Brandis. Brandis would either turn hostile and attack the Sole Survivor or be convinced to stand down and learn of the fate of Faris and Astlin. Optionally, Brandis could be convinced to rejoin the Brotherhood of Steel.


Recon Squad Artemis appears only in Fallout 4.