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Reclining Groves Resort Homes is a location in the Capital Wasteland. It is located north of Germantown police HQ and west-northwest from the MDPL-13 power station.



Reclining Groves consists of seven ruined houses and a small playground on the north side of a stretch of paved road running east to west. The usual sparse loot containers for pre-War neighborhoods can be found, including several mailboxes and some lawnmowers and ovens. Three usable beds are in these ruins.

In the east, a scavenger has set up shop in a partially destroyed barn that contains a number of items that are owned by the scavenger. He has a few poor quality guns and ammunition, as well as a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual inside his very hard locked personal footlocker. There is a key to it, but it's not easy to get. It is located underneath the bus directly outside of the barn, on the north end. It will need to be picked up by either dislodging it with a grenade or by using the console command tcl to move under the bus. The scavenger's dog keeps watch near the footlocker and will attack if it witnesses theft. Items stolen here result in negative Karma.

There are two houses to the southwest, just before the elevated monorail. The southernmost has two toy cars, a teddy bear, and one of the usable beds. The one to the north has a first aid kit.

Nearby to the west is a military checkpoint, around the collapsed overpass segments blocking the road just past an irradiated puddle. A leveled robot can spawn in the area. There are four ammunition boxes, two first aid kits, and three guns among the skeletons on top of the truck, and a bed in the tent.


A dirt path leads south from the barn, across the paved road, and up a small hill. After crossing the line of broken fences just a few paces above, head west along the fences to find a wooden plank door in a nook of a fairly big rock outcrop that leads to the Warren, home to five vicious dogs. At the end of this small cave are two corpses, a mercenary and a wastelander. The mercenary will have a laser pistol (or possibly a laser rifle, level permitting) and ammunition. There are also two stimpaks by the skeleton on the ground just before the bodies.

Notable loot

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - On top of a bookshelf in the northeastern-most ruined house. Closest to the barn.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - In the locked personal footlocker (Very Hard) on the upper floor of the barn.
  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes - On top of a ridge to the north-northeast, directly northeast of the barn with the scavenger's key, on the ground beside a dead mercenary and a dead wasteland settler with bloatflies buzzing around them.
  • Scavenger's key - The key is beneath a burned-out bus that is behind the barn that the scavenger and his dog stay in. It opens the scavenger's Very Hard footlocker on the 2nd floor of the barn.


  • After the quest The Waters of Life, when the nearby Enclave camp appears, the scavenger and his dog will disappear from this location, and when the Lone Wanderer enters the barn, all its items' ownership will be cleared.
  • This location is the site of a "Type B" random encounter, in addition to a number of reoccurring local creatures/robots spawn that scale with the Lone Wanderer's level.


Reclining Groves Resort Homes appear only in Fallout 3.