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Some scientist named Lesko moved in with the Wilks family across the street. They are helping him make some sort of a structure on the old lot near the diner. Lesko offered to pay me caps if I helped, but I declined. I dunno who he's working for, but I don't think they're still looking for me.William Brandice

The recently built shack is a location in Grayditch. It is the house of Doctor Lesko.


It is a small shack containing a computer terminal and empty protectron pod, scientific equipment, and a few metal boxes. Accessing the terminal provides some background information on Lesko's experiments and a map-marker.

Notable loot

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  • If one did not loot items before the completion of Those!, the ownership will revert to Doctor Lesko and anything looted afterward will be considered theft.
  • Dr. Lesko's password recording is Formicidae, which is the familial classification of ants.
  • Going into Lesko's shack is considered trespassing, therefore, if one stays too long, Lesko will flee.


The recently built shack appears only in Fallout 3.


Xbox 360Xbox 360 It is possible to become trapped in this shack, unable to move. [verified]