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The recall keycard circuit board is a miscellaneous quest item in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


A circuit board which can be used to craft an Assaultron recall keycard, which is used to start the Encryptid event at the pylon ambush site.


It can be purchased from the following vendors:

Beckham Fallout 76 unused content Event: Irrational Fear
Brotherhood vendor The Whitespring Resort (interior, lower-level)
Free States vendor The Whitespring Resort (interior, lower-level)
Grahm Travels
Raiders vendor The Whitespring Resort (interior, lower-level)
Responders vendor The Whitespring Resort (interior, lower-level)
Sam Nguyen Fallout 76 unused content C.A.M.P. ally
Scavenger trader Random encounter - Camp
Sunny Foundation (Sunny's General Goods)
The Whitespring Station vendor The Whitespring Station
Vendor bot Bob Flatwoods (church)
Vendor bot Chad Camden Park (Sugar Heaps)
Vendor bot Greg Grafton (downtown, Responder's trading outpost)
Vendor bot Mack Charleston Fire Department (second floor)
Vendor bot Phoenix Watoga Shopping Plaza
Vendor bot Raider Sutton Station
Sunnytop Station
Pleasant Valley Station
R&G Station
Vendor bot Resin Pleasant Valley Ski Resort (second floor)
Vendor bot Responder Charleston Station
Grafton Station
Lewisburg Station
Morgantown Station
Welch Station
Vendor bot Wallace Berkeley Springs Station
Watoga vendor bot Watoga Station
Xerxo C.A.M.P. ally
Uniform dispenser Fallout 76 unused content Camp McClintock (Patriotism Training)