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Help Abbie upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mire!

Reassembly Required is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Reassembly Required
Listen to Abbie's message after creating the five upgraded motors for Early Warnings.
Take the holotape for Rose from Abbie's bunker.
Upgrade five Scorched detectors in the Mire.
Travel to Top of the World and give the holotape to Rose.
Return to Abbie's bunker to complete the quest.
Reward: Plan: MIRV frag grenade, Plan: Nuke mine, Plan: Light combat legs, 1050 XP, 30 Bottle cap, random aid item

Detailed walkthrough

After completing "Early Warnings", the next task is to install the motors into five Scorched Detectors located throughout the Mire to restore them to working order. Alongside that, Abbie requests that a holotape she left behind be delivered to Rose at the Top of the World to further help with reinforcing the Scorched Detection System.

Delivering the holotape to Rose is easy enough. As for installing the motors into the Scorched Detectors, they will be marked across the Mire for easy locating as most will be close to fast travel points along Highways 65 and 66, which go through the Mire and into the Cranberry Bog. In particular, the detectors can be found at the following locations:

Once the motors are installed and Rose has the holotape and promises to install the communication uplink, return to Abbie's bunker to move on to the last of the Free States' quests in the main quest line, Coming to Fruition.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Listen to AbbieI found a bunker where a woman named Abbie had left a series of messages to complete a Scorched Detection System. I was able to create the upgraded motors and triggered her next message. I should listen to it to find out what to do next.
? Take the Holotape for RoseAbbie's last recording said she created a holotape for Rose at Top of the World to persuade her to set up the communications uplink. I need to look for the holotape in Abbie's desk so I can give it to Rose.
? Upgrade Scorched detectors (0/5)I've found the holotape for Rose that Abbie left me, and I have the upgraded motors. It's time to upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mire.
? Give the holotape to RoseI've upgraded all of the Scorched Detectors in the Mire. Now it's time to get to the Top of the World and deliver the holotape Abbie made and the communications uplink to Rose.
? Listen to RoseI found Rose at Top of the World and gave her the holotape Abbie made. I should wait and listen to see what she has to say.
?Quest finishedReturn to Abbie's bunkerWhatever Abbie had on that holotape was enough to convince Rose to help. Rose took the communications uplink to set up on the antennae at Top of the World. I can return to Abbie's bunker now to find out what else needs to be done.