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Reactor Coolant is a Brotherhood of Steel repeatable quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel repeatable quest: Reactor Coolant
Ask Proctor Ingram for work.
Craft reactor coolant at a chemistry station.
Bring the reactor coolant to Proctor Ingram.
Reward: 100 caps per reactor coolant

Detailed walkthrough

This quest becomes available once the main questline of the Brotherhood of Steel has been completed. Proctor Ingram will ask the Sole Survivor to create some reactor coolant. Once the reactor coolant has been crafted, it can be returned to Proctor Ingram for a reward of 100 caps per unit.

Once the quest starts, reactor coolant becomes available as a craftable item:


Quest stages

30 Collect reactor coolant for Proctor Ingram
355Quest finishedQuest Completed


No matter how many coolants are given, this objective will never be removed from the Pip-Boy. To fix this, use the console to type SetObjectiveCompleted 001b2b08 30 1. Note that this will not disable the quest; one can continue to secure coolants.