Raymond Lorn was an Elder of an unnamed chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.


He was accused of murdering Senior Scribe Ritter during a time when the base they were both stationed in was under attack, but the tribunal that was judging him felt that he should not continue as an Elder with such suspicion hanging over him, and was consequently removed from his post.[1]


A report of the incident was written up by Head Scribe Bucek.


Raymond Lorn is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Hidden Valley bunker terminal entries#Incident #1: "Let it be recorded that on this day, Raymond Lorn was dismissed from his post as Elder for committing the crime of murder. Brother Lorn was known to have hostile feelings toward the victim, Senior Scribe Ritter. The guilty part insists that Ritter's death was a tragic case of friendly fire (the bunker was under attack at the time), but the tribunal felt they could not let him persist as Elder with such suspicion hanging over him. Head Scribe Bucek"
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