Ray Gary was a cryptid hunter and member of the 'Truth Seekers' alongside his friends Calvin van Lowe and Scott "Scoot" Conroy.[1] He was the most even-tempered of the group, attempting to keep peace between Conroy and van Lowe when Conroy became angry at van Lowe's perceived abandonment of the group to attend Vault-Tec University.[2]

A few years prior to 2077 he was injured in such a way that meant he had to use a wheelchair.[3] However, this did not stop his enthusiasm for cryptid hunting and in 2076, he brought Shelby O'Rourke to a meeting of the Truth Seekers as a prospective member, viewing her cryptid hunting research as a potentially valuable resource for the club.[4]

Although he eventually moved out of Lewisburg to Welch with his partner Laura, he remained friends with Scott Conroy until the latter's disappearance.[5]


Ray Gary is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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