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Raw violet flux is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


Raw violet flux can be attained by harvesting flora in a recently nuked zone. Mutated variants of the flora will have name and color changes to indicate the mutation.[1] It can be consumed to quench thirst and provide a boost to Disease Resistance.

Raw flux decays rapidly into inert flux and must be stabilized at a chemistry station to be used for crafting.


The following variants of flora produce raw violet flux:

Name Produces Normal Mutated
Giant pitcher plant Irradiated pitcher plants
Ginseng root Nuka root
Mutated fern Flash fern
Snaptail reed Crackletail
Strangler pod Glow pod
Wild razorgrain Gigagrain
Wild tarberry Half-life hips
Wild tato blossom Afterwind vine


Despite acting as a food or chem when consumed, neither Thru-hiker nor Traveling Pharmacy will reduce the carry weight of raw flux.