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Raw sap is a consumable item in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Raw sap can be found dripping into a bucket on the side of a tree about eye level.

In Survival mode, it has no food (hunger relieving) value, and the highest category of disease risk.


  • 16 buckets can be found south of Far Harbor by following the road on the western (right) side of Beaver Creek Lanes. After passing the pond where the water purifiers are located, one will pass a bomb crater in the roadway - five buckets are located on trees on the right side of the roadway between the crater and the house on the right; seven are located on trees on the left side of the road between the crater and the trapper lookout post opposite the house; three are on trees toward the rear of the house immediately on the right side, and one is located on a tree at the rear of the glasshouses on the southern side of the house.
  • 13 buckets can be found at Brooke's Head Lighthouse. Three are by the small shack by the entrance, another two directly across the road, and one more a little further down on the opposite side of the road. Facing the entrance, there is one more on the left side of the guardhouse. Six are near the back of the house by the yard.
  • Nine buckets can be found hanging on the trees just north of the MS Azalea.
  • Eight buckets are located at Pine Crest Cavern.
  • Five buckets are located at Old Pond House, along the treeline to the west.
  • Four buckets are located at Southwest Harbor.
  • Two buckets can be found at the ruined radio tower, to the left of the shack. 12 more are scattered throughout the general area lower down; between the radio tower and the Nucleus.
  • Sister Mai occasionally sells raw sap.