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Raw crimson flux is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


Raw crimson flux can be attained by harvesting flora in a recently nuked zone. Mutated variants of the flora will have name and color changes to indicate the mutation.[1] It can be consumed to quench thirst and provide a boost to Disease Resistance.

Raw flux decays rapidly into inert flux and must be stabilized at a chemistry station to be used for crafting.


The following variants of flora produce raw crimson flux:

Name Produces Normal Mutated
Aster Red hot bloom Fo4FH Aster consumable.png FO76 Red hot bloom 1.png
Blight Bright blight FO76 Blight nif.png FO76 BRIGHT BLIGHT WOO.png
Brain fungus Enlightened fungus FO76 Brain fungus 1.png FO76 Fancy brain fungus 2.png
Diseased cranberries
Blast berry FO76 Cranberries.png FO76 Blast berry 1.png
Firecap Blast cap Firecap.png FO76 Blast cap.png
Mothman eggs Ionized cackleberry Mothman egg.png FO76 Delicious egg for trying times.png
Wild gourd blossom Boom bloom Gourd blossom.png FO76 Boom bloom nif.png


  • Generally the color of the flora indicates the type of flux acquired. Exceptions include the blastcap which is purple and blue.
  • The fever blossom would mutate into volatile fever blossom, but it is impossible to acquire as the only plant occurring outdoors is likewise in a zone that cannot be nuked.