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Raw cobalt flux is a consumable in Fallout 76.


Raw cobalt flux is a consumable used in end-game crafting recipes, particularly in under-armor and weapon recipes. Like most consumables, the flux will decay into Inert flux, but at a much faster rate. To preserve the flux, it must be crafted into Cobalt flux.

Stable flux can be used to craft ultracite gear, which is very useful in fights against Scorched and scorchbeasts.

Raw cobalt flux can be consumed to quench thirst and provide a boost to disease resistance.


Flux is acquired by harvesting the mutated flora in nuked zones. Raw cobalt flux is specifically collected by harvesting the mutated variants of the following flora[1]:

Raw cobalt flux can be attained easily by launching a nuke in any biome containing one of these floras.

Note: mutated variants of the flora will have slight name and color changes to indicate the mutation.


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