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Sorry, man, but I don't have time to chit-chat, you know? I got to get this bird working.

Raul is an Enclave mechanic in 2241.


Raul is Navarro's premier Vertibird mechanic in 2241, walking around in a permanently filthy military uniform, covered in grease spots.[1] He has a characteristic attitude, speaking about himself in third person and an unhealthy obsession about keeping Vertibirds in top shape, disliking even qualified Enclave pilots' operation of his babies.[2]

Raul has a long-running rivalry with the head of the mechanics, Quincy, to the point that even the slightest bad remark about him results in a fistfight in the mechanics' garage.[3] He also takes care of Dr. Schreber's electric motor that was taken out of the doctor's robot, K-9.[4]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Fix K-9: While looking for K-9's repair parts, telling Quincy in the northeast hangar that Raul sent the Chosen One for the plans, there will be a dialogue option to tell Raul that Quincy wants to see him, whereupon he walks off to beat him up, leaving way to retrieve the K-9 motivator.
  • Get the vertibird plans for the Brotherhood of Steel: The Chosen One can tell Raul that Quincy insulted him. While he is talking to Quincy, the Chosen One can (also) take the plans from the locker.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather armor Desert Eagle .44
Laser pistol


Raul appears only in Fallout 2.


  1. Raul's character description: "You see a man in a filthy military uniform. Judging by the grease spots you think he is more of a mechanic than a soldier, and a hard working one to boot."
    (Raul's dialogue)
  2. Raul: "Hey man, what you think you doing? Get the fuck away from that bird, man! Raul's got enough problems without you grunts fucking with things, you know? Damn flyboys are bad enough!"
    (Raul's dialogue)
  3. The Chosen One: "Quincy said you were an asshole and that you wouldn't have the balls to report to him."
    Raul: "Hey man, Raul don't take no shit from nobody. You see Quincy working on these birds? No way, man. Only Raul works on these babies. You know why? Cause Quincy don't know DICK, man, that's why!"
    The Chosen One: "Well..."
    Raul: "Hey, sorry, man. Raul shouldn't be yelling at you, you know? It's not your fault; you're just the messenger. Hey, man, you busy right now?"
    The Chosen One: "Not really, why?"
    Raul: "Hey look, man. Raul's going to go pay Quincy a visit, you know? Raul's going to clean the old mans clock. You stay here and watch Raul's birds. Ok?"
    (Raul's dialogue)
  4. The Chosen One: "The doc wants to fix his dog. He sent me for the part."
    Raul: "Hey, man, it's in the locker over there. Take it and tell the doc Raul says hi."
    (Raul's dialogue)
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