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The Rat Caves are a place underneath Klamath. This is the source of the rodent scourge. Citizens have lived in the buildings above, and perhaps inside the caves, but were killed by the invading rats. The rodents are commanded by Keeng Ra'at.

Notable loot

  • A crowbar on the first floor, on the ground sticking out from behind the bottom left of the machinery when one first enters the cave.
  • A combat knife, and $109 in currency hidden in the pile of bones in Keeng Ra'at's chamber. The combat knife is lying on the ground amongst the bones, somewhat hard to spot. The currency is close to the corpse's feet in the pile of bones.
  • A 10mm pistol, on the floor near the body of a trapper near Keeng Ra'at's chamber. This body will turn into a pool of blood after you leave the room, rendering the pistol unobtainable.
  • A xander root hidden near the largest pile of bones in Keeng Ra'at's chamber.
  • On the third floor towards the far, mid-right section is a "dead" repair bot. Near it are some tools.
  • Dynamite and a crowbar on the third floor on a shelf next to the ground floor ladder.

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The Rat Caves appear only in Fallout 2.