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The ransacked bunker is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2103.


This abandoned bunker belonged to a Free States member named Jeremiah. Although he survived the Great War and re-emerged after Raleigh Clay's all-clear signal, he decided to abandon the bunker after intercepting a strange transmission cutting in and out on his radio. Fearing the federal government's involvement, he decided to flee over the mountains, past his old moonshine shack.[1]

By 2103, the bunker has been refurbished and fortified by Captain Oliver Fields and his team, all former members of the U.S. Army, and the bunker is full of U.S. Army equipment and paraphernalia, including U.S. flags, posters, and more.


The bunker can be seen from the north area of the Valley Galleria. A U.S. flag and a small electrical tower can be found at the northwest edge of the galleria, directly across the swamp from the bunker, and the flag is waved to signal Fields' specialist team during Duty Calls.

A watch tower and an open armored personnel carrier with an ammunition box are located outside the bunker, just above the swamp. Several crates and a small crane are located at the bunker entrance. Upon entering the bunker, various assorted junk items can be found behind a military barricade. Downstairs, there is a small living area similar to other bunkers belonging to members of the Free States. There is a locked safe (Picklock 2) in the kitchen. A chemistry station and a tinker's workbench are located in a corner, across from an area with several consoles and a map of Appalachia on a table. A door on the right from the entrance stairwell leads down into a bedroom which contains a power armor station.

During Duty Calls, Captain Fields and his team - Sergeants Fred Radcliff and Thompson, as well as Private Lucky, can be found in the bunker.

Notable loot

  • Jeremiah's journal page 2 - Note, previously located on the desk downstairs, near the damaged terminal. As of Wastelanders, it is now found downstairs on the floor in a small junk pile near the lockers.
  • Jeremiah's journal page 4 - Note, previously located on the desk near the entrance. As of Wastelanders, it is now found in a bucket on the floor in front of the wooden desk in the entrance area.
  • Courtney's note - Note, found during Tracking Unknowns, on the body of Courtney Kelly, northeast of the bunker.
  • Accordion - On top of the music player table.
  • T-45 left arm - On a table in the bedroom.
  • Potential plan - On a table in the bedroom, in front of the T-45 left arm.
  • Potential recipe - Can be found in the fridge.
  • Stealth Boy - May spawn on a barrel in the bathroom.


The ransacked bunker appears only in Fallout 76 and is expanded upon in its update Wastelanders.





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