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The ransacked bunker is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


This abandoned bunker belonged to a Free States member named Jeremiah. Although he went off the grid, he decided to abandon the bunker after intercepting a strange transmission cutting in and over his radio. Suspecting the Federal government's involvement, he decided to flee the bunker and move over the mountains, past his old moonshine shack.[1]

By 2103 the bunker has been refurbished and fortified by Oliver Fields, a former member of the United States Army, as the bunker is full of U.S. Army equipment and paraphernalia, including U.S. flags, posters, and more.


Upon entering the bunker, there are a chemistry station and assorted junk items that can be used. Downstairs, there is a small living area similar to other bunkers belonging to members of the Free States. There is a locked safe (Picklock 2) in the kitchen.

Notable lootEdit


The ransacked bunker appears only in Fallout 76 and the Wastelanders update.



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