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Ranger substation Eagle is a location in Zion Canyon in 2281.


Ranger substation Eagle joins two other substations in Zion, including Ranger substation Peregrine and Osprey. All three have similar layouts. Substation Eagle has a single room on the lower floor that contains various crafting items/common loot and a staircase that leads to a single room living quarters for the ranger.

The living quarters area includes a bookshelf, bed, table, and a first aid box. At the top is a locked gun case with a leveled lock. The entire building is marked with the chalk-white handprints of the Dead Horses scouts.


When Follows-Chalk is traveling with the Courier, reaching this location will reveal nearby map markers and inspire a heightened sense of awareness (Perception +3) for three minutes with the Well-Stacked Cairns perk. The map markers revealed here include Bighorn Bluff, the Bend bridge, and Court Fork Overlook.


Ranger substation Eagle appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Playstation 3Icon ps3 The first aid box spawns as a first aid kit, similar to the one encountered in the Fallout 3 quest Escape! This gives it fixed contents, containing ten stimpaks and one Med-X.


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