This area isn't safe for civilians. You don't want to get caught by the Great Khans.Ranger Kudlow

Ranger station Foxtrot is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is north of Red Rock Canyon and south of Vault 22. The New California Republic uses the station to keep an eye on the Great Khans in Red Rock Canyon.


The best way to get to the station is to take Nevada State Route 157, leading east from Jacobstown. Follow the dirt path when it splits off directly in front of Silver Peak mine. Alternatively, if approaching from the Vegas area, take the main highway northwest past the Horowitz farmstead and then take a left onto Nevada State Route 157 southwest.

Once in the treeline, the dirt path will be on the left and the path will be evident on the Pip-Boy map by zooming in. Attempting to approach directly from the east will not work since there is an invisible wall blocking the way, as well as cazador nests and untraversable cliffsides.


There is one tent, several outdoor bedrolls, and a campfire. Outside the tent, there is a reloading bench on the right side, against one of the two large wooden crates.


Notable lootEdit

A Duck and Cover! book can be found inside the tent, on the table with the ham radio.

Related questsEdit


  • Fast traveling to the ranger station can result in a cazador spawning in the middle of the camp, often killing one or two rangers before finally being killed by the numerous soldiers around the station.
  • Like most NCR held positions, this one can feature NCR Veteran Rangers starting at level 16, as long as the player character has reached one of the main faction's endgame quests.
  • To the east of the station, and before the player character reaches Brewer's beer bootlegging, a nest of cazadores can be found guarding a duffle bag. The player character can not go back to the station from this position due to the invisible wall.


Ranger station Foxtrot appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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