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The ranger district office is a location in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia.


This office used to house two national park rangers called Simons and Ross, who were responsible for caring for the surrounding park area. The two rangers clashed with regards to what their role as park rangers was and what sort of damage was being done to the park and the local beaver population by visitors. In particular, Ross refused to sign off on hunting permits because he believed the local beaver population was "on the verge of collapse."[1] Their disagreement escalated to the extent where Ross began stealing food from Simons [2] and Simons allegedly began fabricating false reports about Ross' ability to do his job.[3]


The location is made up of three buildings - a main office building, a small shed, and a large barn to the back of the main building.

After entering the main building via the front door, there is a large front desk area. There is a locked wall safe (Picklock 1) behind the front desk, beside the right-most display case with a blue garden gnome in it. To the right of the reception is a small lounge area with a fireplace, some couches, and a Nuka-Cola machine. There is also a door leading to the back of the building and Ranger Ross' office. To the left of reception is a corridor connected to multiple rooms. The first room is Ranger Ross' office which doubles as a medical area. There is a beaver corpse on the stretcher here, as well as two first aid boxes and Ranger Ross' terminal. Following the corridor further leads to a storage closet opened either via a terminal (Hacker 2) or by lockpicking (Picklock 2), then a bathroom with a skeleton inside, and finally Ranger Simons' office. Ranger Simons' office contains his terminal as well as a locked safe in the corner of the office (Picklock 3). There may also be a bobblehead on the filing cabinets by the desk.

The barn behind the building is marked as a restricted area. It contains a row of cages on one side of the building and cabinets on the other side. Some of the cages have beaver corpses in them.

The small shed next to the main building contains an armor workbench and first aid box, but nothing much else of note.

Notable lootEdit

  • C.H. Monthly, January - Note, in the same room as the animal cages, underneath a surgical cart shelf.
  • Hunting - Holotape, on the desk next to Ranger Simons' terminal.
  • Sign those permits - Holotape, on the front desk.
  • Random Vault-Tec bobblehead - On the filing cabinets in Ranger Simons' office.
  • Random magazine - On the floor in the room with the fireplace.
  • Random armor mods:
    • In the barn near a small metal table.
    • Next to the armor workbench in the same barn, on a lower metal shelf.
  • A chainsaw - In the barn with the cages.


The ranger district office appears only in Fallout 76.



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