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The ranger cabin is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is found due south of Vault 111 and due west of Concord.


The cabin was used by the U.S. Forest Service prior to the Great War.[1]

Just a day before the bombs fell, a girl ran away from her home and stayed in the cabin. She had been keeping a secret from her parents, and was shunned by her parents when she finally told them.[2] The girl recounts her story of leaving home and hiding out in the cabin in the runaway's holotape, which can be found inside the cabin.


A small one-room cabin that contains a copy of Wasteland Survival Guide issue #8. The runaway's holotape can be found in a suitcase next to the girl's skeleton on the bed.

There is a cooking grill to the rear of the cabin, as well as a chemistry station directly behind the cabin. To the west just near the pond, there is a shack with a trader living in it. Also to the west, east-northeast of the pond, there is a wooden cross stuck in the ground. At the base, there is a chem cooler and a baseball cap in a crate.

Notable loot


When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at two locations.[clarification needed]

Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait "Ranger cabin, eh? Good place to look for rifle ammunition."
"Poor little thing. I wonder what happened to her."
Codsworth "This must have been the ranger station. Good to see the ol' flag still standing."
"So sad, sir/mum. I do hope she wasn't alone when the bombs fell."
Curie "Was this a ranger cabin?"
"Oh, the poor little girl."
Danse "Rangers patrolled the woods seeking retribution for crimes against the environment. Not so different from the Brotherhood."
"Rest well, little one."
Deacon "Remember kids, only you can put out nuclear hell fire."
"After awhile, I've stopped reading the notebooks and terminals of the people from before. Their stories... they never end well."
John Hancock "Hey. I think I woke up here once..."
"Looks like she was running from something."
Nick Valentine "The park ranger. Master of all he surveys."
"Dress looks prewar. Easy to forget folks didn't have it so good back then either."
Piper Wright "This the local guard hut or something?"
"How long do you think she's been here?"
Preston Garvey "Don't feed the bears. Good advice."
"I wonder what her story was."
Robert MacCready "When the bombs starting falling, I bet the last thing on this ranger's mind was forest fires."
"I... I can't look at this. Reminds me too much of the people I left behind."
X6-88 "This monitoring station must have been built from trees so it would be invisible to enemy radar. Clever."
"Look at the calcification. These remains are centuries old."


The ranger cabin appears only in Fallout 4.



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    This is the remains of a U.S. Forest Service cabin, the last known whereabouts of a young runaway."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
  2. Runaway's holotape