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Keeping watch on the river and looking for anyone trying to cross it. The Legion likes to send infiltration teams over on rafts.Ranger Pason

Ranger Station Delta is an NCR controlled location in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281. It is located southeast of Boulder City and northeast of Camp Forlorn Hope.


The ranger station was built on the remains of a ruined farmstead, which is still visible. Ranger Pason informs the Courier that their goal is to keep an eye on the river to ensure no one crosses it, namely members of Caesar's Legion.[1]


There is a destroyed house not too far from the tent that serves as a command center for those stationed here. There is also an Average locked cellar among the ruins of the house. Within the cellar is a reloading bench and an Average locked gun cabinet with lower grade weapons.

The remaining items found inside the cellar are primarily Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles and foodstuffs. Hanging on the wall near the Sunset Sarsparilla lamp is a very detailed pre-War map of the dam and its surrounding areas. Such maps exist at all ranger outposts, as well as Camp Golf and the Hoover Dam itself.


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  • While the cellar shows the red text as being owned, no one will turn against the player character if they pick the lock without being noticed. Picking the lock in sight of the rangers will turn them hostile, causing them to follow the Courier inside, and will grant a negative reputation with the New California Republic. There are a couple of rangers located inside and all items inside are owned. Taking any items is considered stealing.
  • Like most NCR held positions, this one can feature NCR Veteran Rangers starting at level 16, as long as the player character has reached one of the main faction's endgame quests.
  • Southeast from the camp is a cliff leading to the river. While crouched, the player character can drop down the cliffside safely and head directly across the water to a cove inhabited by one or more lakelurks. There is a skeleton floating just under the rock overhang, and three lakelurk egg clutches underneath. A second skeleton is in the water near two bobbing explosive crates containing various grenades, mines, or even C-4 at higher levels, a bobby pin, and some random items.
  • A friendly robobrain owned by Ranger Pason can be found at the site looking over Hoover Dam. It has no special dialogue, other than a couple of generic phrases but does contain the GBRM2KX memory chip. The chip can be pickpocketed or the robot can be destroyed for the chip.


Ranger Station Delta appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland; 3.36 Ranger Station Delta, pp. 376-377: "This Ranger Station was erected on the remains of a ruined farmstead, which is still visible. Ranger Pason is looking for Legion crossing the river. You can ask him, or Scheffer what they're doing, and what the Rangers do. Outside is a Campfire, and a rather grim outhouse, but the real reason for visiting is the cellar under the house ruins. Pick open the lock [Average], and search the pool-table for a well-hidden Magazine!"