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The Ranger station updates are a series of six holotapes in Fallout 4. Each are requests of Mr. Tims to help clear out certain locations to advance the trafficking of synth fugitives out of the Commonwealth.


Six randomly marked mailboxes somewhere in the Commonwealth.


Update #1

Mr. Tims here. Randolph Safehouse was not hit. But do not make direct contact. Repeat: Do not make direct contact. We got three packages, very scared packages, here. Requesting asssistance. Our runner reports we got Gen 1s camped nearby. Assuming we're under surveillance. Please have a heavy clear the area. Coordinates enclosed. After, please pass our status back to Big D. Mr. Tims out.

Update #2

Randolph Safehouse here. Thanks, HQ. No longer under immediate surveillance. Confirmed quarantine, but give us the all clear soon, OK? Package one is ready for shipping out of the Commonwealth. But we got a problem along the route. If our guardian angel could clear the site, delivery can proceed. Mr. Tims out.

Update #3

Randolph Safehouse reporting. Package one is away. No problems, route cleared as promised. Runner reports recipient is as of now closed for business. Switchboard spooked her. We're working a new route. If our friendly neighborhood heavy can take out hostiles at the following location, that would make our life a lot easier.

Update #4

Randolph here. We're still working the route. Runner has confirmed the final destination. He's solid. But we got another bump we need our heavy to take out. You up for it, chief? Mr. Tims out.

Update #5

Randolph here. Package two is away. Runner took some fire along the way back. Touch and go, but our doc says he's going to make it. We could really use supplies over here, any chance the Big D can let us come back in? Barring that, we need some more hostiles removed. Mr. Tims out.

Update #6

Randolph here. Supplies are running out. Runner is getting cagey about the route. Can we get one last tac nuke from the heavy? Pretty please. Once that's done, we'll move our last package. You're my hero. Mr. Tims out.

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