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Where did you learn that password? And tell the truth, because I'll know if you're lying.

Senior Paladin[1] Ramos is the head of security for the Hidden Valley bunker in 2281.


Ramos is the head of security in the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel and guards the entrance to the Hidden Valley bunker where the Brotherhood has secluded itself since its defeat at HELIOS One. As head of security, Ramos is responsible for protecting the chapter from outside threats. Under McNamara's command, this includes ensuring the integrity of the lockdown, preventing personnel from within leaving, and those without from returning to the bunker. He only makes exceptions for supply runners, high-security patrols and the occasional pair of initiates trying to get a feel for the surface. He pays attention to details, but he is not heartless.[2]

Ramos is a veteran of Operation Sunburst who survived both the NCR siege and McNamara's desperate counter-offensive west. As a result of his experiences, he despises Elder Elijah and his lapse in command and will be the first to execute anyone not of the Brotherhood to ensure its ideals are upheld and the chapter safe. His diligence ensured that there were no incidents for over a year. His room is just at the bottom of the bunker's entry stairway and will confront the Courier as soon as they enter the bunker, taking them into custody unless they are accompanied by Scribe Veronica.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Still in the Dark: If the player character chooses to side with Head Paladin Hardin against Elder McNamara, Ramos will provide background information about how the Brotherhood functions can be used to build a case for ousting McNamara. Although Ramos is loyal to McNamara, crediting the elder's leadership with saving the chapter during the battle at HELIOS One, he will become Head Paladin Ramos after Hardin becomes the new elder.

Effects of player's actions



  • When Veronica Santangelo is in the Courier's party, she will say to Ramos that he is looking sharp and Ramos will respond for her to "Behave herself this time."
  • Ramos' Hit Points are low (40), given the fact that other paladins in the game have 90 and 140 HP.
  • Ramos will see through any Brotherhood disguises.


Paladin Ramos appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Still in the Dark status updates refer to him as a Senior Paladin.
  2. The Courier: "Did you know Watkins and Stanton snuck out of here a few weeks ago?"
    Ramos: "Yeah, I knew about it. They're still young, and they weren't going to go very far. I had them on my monitors the whole time. I almost headed out there when they got surrounded by those scorpions, but Watkins is a hell of a shot."
    (Ramos' dialogue)