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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ralph.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 You're my hero, mister. I want to be just like you when I grow up. 1
GREETING Fear 50 Hey, who are you? What do you want from the Republic of Dave? 2
GREETING Fear 50 What do you want? 3
GREETING Fear 50 Did Dave say it was okay for you to be here? 4
GREETING Fear 50 Who are you? Is it okay for you to be here? 5
GREETING Fear 50 What do you want now? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Come on! I have to take you to Daddy! 7
RDBacktoTopics I think I get the idea. Let me ask you something else. Neutral 50 Alright then. 8
RDGottaGo I've got to go. Neutral 50 Yes, you do. 9
RDGuardChildatHeart Don't worry. I'm just here to play Republic with you. Happy 50 I like playing Republic. I always get to play as Dave! 10
Happy 50 Here, I'll take you to him! Just be sure to call him Mister President Daddy. He likes that! 11
RDGuardEnter I think I'd like to meet Dave. Fear 50 Okay, I'll take you, but President Daddy doesn't always like new people. 12
Neutral 50 OK, this way. 13
RDGuardGoAway I'm just a wanderer. I'll be going now. Fear 50 Strangers need to stay outside or get permission from President Daddy! Else the Army of Dave will shoot you! 14
RDGuardNice I'm not here to hurt anyone. What is this place? Fear 50 This is the Republic of Dave, duh! It's named for President Daddy! But you have to talk to him if you want to stay here. 15
I'm not here to hurt anyone. What is this place? Sad 50 We're the Republic of Dave. Or we used to be anyway. You have to go now. Dave isn't here anymore to talk to you. 16
RDGuardNoThanks Um... I don't think so. I'll stay out here. Neutral 50 Okay. Just don't hang around the fence. President Daddy's guards don't like that. 17
RDGuardWhoIsDave Wait, who's this Dave guy, and why does he have his own Republic? Neutral 50 He's the president of the Republic of Dave, duh. You can ask over at the Museum of Dave if you don't believe me. 18
Neutral 50 But you can't just wander around here, you need to go get permission from President Daddy first! 19
RDNeverMind Actually, I think I have all the info I need. Neutral 50 Alright then. 20
RDSubElectionSuggestion Have you considered running for the presidency? Fear 10 I can't be the president, I'm just a kid! 21
RDTopicElectionResults Have you heard the election results? Neutral 50 Did Dave win it again? I'd have voted for him if they'd let me. 22
RDTopicKill Your Republic is forfeit. Prepare to be reclaimed by the Wasteland! Fear 50 Daddy Dave! Help us! Please! 23
Your Republic is forfeit. Prepare to be reclaimed by the Wasteland! Fear 50 Get Daddy Dave! Invader! Invader! 24
RDTopicRoD I'd like to know more about the Republic. Neutral 50 Um, okay. As long as President Daddy says it's all right. 25
RDTopicRoDEND That's all I need to know. Neutral 50 Sure. 26
RDTopicThisPlace What's your take on the Republic? Happy 50 President Daddy is awesome! He buys all sorts of neat toys that we get to play with! 27
RDTopicWhosInCharge Tell me more about this Dave guy. Happy 50 He's my daddy! Whenever we play republic, I get to play as Dave! 28
Anger 50 Watch, watch! "I am sorry sir, but I am afraid that the Bureau of Davelike Activities has ordered your execution!" {Child imitating his father} 29
Happy 50 Aren't I good? Huh? 30
Dave has two wives?
You have two mommies? Neutral 50 I have one mommy. The other lady is Jessica. She's pretty, but she's mean. 31
What can you tell me about yourself?
So what have you been up to, kid? Happy 50 I'm gonna be president when I grow up! 32


I have to go now.
Talk to you later, kid. Sad 25 I have to go practice my Dave impression, anyway. 33
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 You're almost as big as Dave. 34
HELLO Neutral 50 What's your problem? 35
HELLO Neutral 50 You're funny looking. 36
RDElectionTalk DaveElectionTalk Neutral 50 Um, I guess so. 37
RDGuardEscortDone RDGuardEscortDone Neutral 50 President Daddy, there is a Wastelander who wishes to see you, sir! 38
RDPlayTalk RDPlayTalk Neutral 50 Leave me alone, Flower. I'm thinking. 39
RDPlayTalk Neutral 50 Can't you see I'm doing important things? 40
RDPlayTalk Neutral 50 For crying out loud, Flower, I'm busy. 41
RDPlayTalk Neutral 50 Fine, in a little bit. Geez. 42
RDStudentTalk RDStudentTalk Fear 25 Oh, crap, I forgot to do my homework on the Pledge of Allegience to Dave. 43
RDStudentTalk1 RDStudentTalk1 Neutral 50 He used a gun! Guns solve all problems! 44
RDStudentTalk2 RDStudentTalk2 Happy 50 He didn't acknowledge truth, justice, or the will of Dave! 45
RDStudentTalk3 RDStudentTalk3 Fear 50 Was it... uh... man... I knew it this morning... 46
RDStudentTalk4 RDStudentTalk4 Happy 50 Ha! Ha! Rachael's in trouble! 47
RDStudentTalk5 RDStudentTalk5 Happy 50 I'm gonna ace this one! 48