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The railway spike is a type of ammunition in Fallout 4.


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Repurposed fastening tools from the pre-War railway system, these spikes are capable of crippling and delimbing those unlucky enough to be the target of their fire. Their speed and kinetic energy are well into the lethal range, and their velocity has been fine-tuned to maximize effectiveness.[1]


Solid iron spikes or nails used to secure railroad tracks to the ground. The spikes can be recovered from slain enemies and are capable of pinning limbs to walls.

Weapons using this ammunition


  • A small number of railway spikes can be found in the bunker at Big John's Salvage, where a railway rifle is found.
  • Two batches of 4 spikes can be found in a blue railway car near Bedford Station which also houses a railway rifle. They are present even before the railway rifle spawns at level 20.
  • Daisy sells a few at Daisy's Discounts in Goodneighbor.
  • A small number are sold by Arturo Rodriguez at Commonwealth Weaponry.
  • About a dozen can be purchased from Myrna or Percy at Diamond City Surplus.
  • Over a hundred spikes can be purchased from Proctor Teagan aboard the Prydwen.
  • Spikes used by the player character may be looted from dead enemies provided they didn't remove a limb.
  • Spikes are automatically added to the inventory if the player is shot at by an enemy using them as ammo.
  • Can be found by the eyebot pod in the Commonwealth.
    • It is incorrectly labeled as "Railroad spike" in eyebot pod's terminal options.
  • A few dozen can be routinely bought from Tinker Tom in the Railroad HQ.
    • Additionally, an unnamed railroad agent may fire a shot from a railway rifle after a conversation with Tom. This agent will have a large number of railway spikes in his inventory.



  • In survival mode they are the heaviest rifle ammo in the game at five shots per unit of weight in contrast to the gauss rifle's 7.8
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