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Fallout 3Railway rifle
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Prototype railway rifle
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Fallout ShelterRailway rifle (rusty, enhanced, hardened, accelerated)

The railway rifle is a rifle made from a crutch, a pressure cooker, a steam gauge assembly and a fission battery. The crutch comprises the stock and grip part of the gun, the pressure cooker acts as a firing chamber, the steam gauge assembly comprises the grip, ammunition storage and barrel of the gun, and the fission battery works as a power source to operate the weapon. Relatively few railway rifles can be found in the wasteland but if one can acquire the necessary parts and find the schematics for the weapon, one can craft their own in Fallout 3. The rifle uses railway spikes as ammunition which can pierce the target's limbs and literally 'stick' them to nearby objects.


Railway rifleEdit


The basic model of railway rifle, not very accurate, limiting its use at range. The nature of the ammunition causes considerable limb damage to enemies, allowing it to easily cripple or even disarm opponents.

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