Railroad Railsigns

Railsign is a secret marking system used by the Railroad in Fallout 4. Each marking consists of an "asterisk" of six or eight white lines, at the center of which is a special symbol. A visual chart of the railsigns appears in Railroad HQ.


Symbol Name Meaning
Plus: + Ally An ally is present nearby.
Square: Cache A supply cache can be found nearby.
Cross: X Danger A danger is present nearby.
Arrow: Pointer Shows the direction to something important.
House: 🏠 Safehouse A Railroad safehouse is nearby.
Teardrop: 💧 Dead drop A Railroad dead drop is nearby.


  • The railsigns appear in the quest Tradecraft, pointed out by Deacon, being used as indicators to Ricky Dalton who is referred to as "The Tourist".
  • Railsigns can also found across the Commonwealth, albeit rarely. Most are found at Railroad quest locations, such as safehouses, dead drops, and around the Switchboard.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Railsigns are similar to the Thieves Guild shadowmarks from Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Both are glyphs used by underground societies to designate certain places and things to other members of the society.
  • They also bear a similarity to the real life hobo code - symbols used by the homeless to let others know about various things related to their lifestyle, such are safe places to camp or places to get food.

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