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Raiders are the scourge of the Wasteland, in the Commonwealth and everywhere else. Loosely organized, with a power hierarchy based on pure ruthlessness, they will attack anyone at any time... for any reason.Fallout 4 loading screens

Raiders are groups of decentralized, nomadic gangs of bandits, outlaws and thugs found all throughout the Commonwealth in 2287.


The raider gangs that populate this region are typically small, completely anarchic and made up of violent and murderous outcasts, preying on anything and anyone weaker than themselves. Larger warbands typically maintain control of a specific territory, while smaller raiding parties can be found on the move throughout the Commonwealth. What they lack in intelligence, they make up for in sheer numbers, ruthlessness and aggression. Large groups can be a handful, and some gangs contain particularly strong members, but most raiders are poorly equipped and all too accustomed to preying on the region's most vulnerable denizens. Although predominantly human, there are ghouls among their numbers. Many gangs also include one or more attack dogs.[Non-game 1]

Like other groups, raiders have their share of legendary members and infamous bosses. However, some groups contain at least one particularly powerful member who may not stand out from the pack. Raiders equipped with salvaged power armor are easy enough to spot, but the veteran raiders often appear wearing the same low-quality gear found on any of their comrades.[Non-game 1]

Raiders are a constant nuisance to the settlements of the Commonwealth, and only the most well-fortified dwellings such as Diamond City are safe from their attacks. Raider gangs usually use brute force to get what they want, but they have been known to engage in other, less overtly violent criminal activities such as extortion, kidnappings for ransom and running protection rackets. If a settlement is poorly defended or isolated, they usually have no choice but to give in to their demands or face a particularly gruesome death. Raiders are known to torture their victims before killing them, using methods such as flaying, burning alive and being disemboweled.

Many raiders in the Commonwealth are hooked on potent chems, usually amphetamines such as Jet and Pyscho, which exacerbates their bloodthirsty and erratic behavior. This can be heard during their idle dialogue. The mental state of raiders by and large seems to be poor, with the worst off being raider chief Bosco, who contracted rabies from a rabid dog and rapidly lost his mind. Despite this, there is some idle chatter from certain raiders that express doubt and confliction over their choice of lifestyle, indicating that some of them still struggle with their conscience despite their actions.


Raiders are split into various gangs generally led by a single leader. These leaders tend to be much more brutal and ruthless than their followers.[1] Raider strongholds fluctuate greatly in size between the gangs of the Commonwealth; some bases are mere camps while others cover vast swathes of land or sea. Libertalia, for instance, is made up of many rusted ships and boats. From these camps, the raiders stage attacks on nearby settlements or pick off lone travelers.

Some gangs are more technologically advanced than others. The Forged have reactivated Saugus Ironworks and are using the facility to smelt metals to make armaments. A detachment sent to Dunwich Borers began to scavenge the pre-War quarry and are shipping their products back to the Forged.[2] A particularly mechanically savvy gang called the Rust Devils utilize redecorated robots for their raids. What parts they cannot use to repair robots with they fashion into scrap, traps, and suits of armor.

Ack-Ack's gang[]

Led by the minigun-toting Ack-Ack, this group has settled inside USAF Satellite Station Olivia, which they are currently plundering for supplies. Her gang frequently harasses nearby farms, such as Abernathy farm, for food. On one such occasion, Mary Abernathy was ruthlessly gunned down for standing up to the raiders, who then added insult to injury by stealing her heirloom locket.[3]

Boomer's gang[]

Boomer's gang settled Outpost Zimonja, growing tatos, digging a well, and fortifying the pathway from the road.

Bosco's gang[]

The largest raider group in the Commonwealth, Bosco's gang is based out of D.B. Technical High School but controls almost the entirety of Boston proper (apart from areas held or contested by super mutants, Gunners, or other factions). The last two holdouts in the city were the Shamrock Taphouse[4] and Back Street Apparel,[5] leaving only Hyde Park when Scutter refused to submit.

The gang took the Shamrock Taphouse by having a member sneak in and jam the locks on the doors, trapping their rivals inside when they released their attack dogs. Those that survived submitted to Bosco's rule.[4] The other Commonwealth raiders fear Bosco, knowing full well that they couldn't defeat him when he comes for them. He chooses to not attempt to take Libertalia, believing that his force couldn't adapt to the terrain. Still, Bosco has slowly gone insane due to an infection, being bitten by his own dogs.[6][7]

Their economy likely revolves around the overwhelming amount of scavenging and supplies available in the Boston ruins, including, obviously, the raiding of the trade between Goodneighbor, Diamond City, and the rest of the Commonwealth.

Chancer's gang[]

Chancer has established her gang within the expansive Andrew station metro tunnels and they keep mostly to themselves. South Boston is rife with rival raider gangs and super mutants, so staying underground until they need to head elsewhere for supplies suits them well.

Cinder's gang[]

Like Chancer, Cinder has also gone underground with her gang, taking Revere Beach station. The gang is mostly isolated to the peninsula they are on, with Gunners blocking movement to the north and super mutants blocking movement to the northwest. Still, they can come out occasionally to raid Nordhagen Beach, a meager gourd farm.

Combat Zone gang[]

The Combat Zone was originally a public venue, but has been raider-exclusive since 2285. Various raiders hang out here, watching cage matches between various contenders, including Cait. Unlike other locations, there is no gang leader here as it is an entertainment venue instead of a usual raider base. However, Tommy Lonegan runs the theater, organizing liquor and matches to keep the bloodthirsty clientele happy.

Cutty's gang[]

Cutty lords over the Poseidon Energy plant on the coastal waters of Boston. The gang is having issues with the robotic security systems still active in the facility, as well as the mirelurks shuffling in its sublevels, so the gang mainly stays in the upper levels for this reason. The only nearby settlement to raid is the Warwick homestead seeing as advancement west is hindered by the Gunner presence in Quincy.

Demo's gang[]

Demo and his crew lie in wait in the backroom of Hardware Town and use a gang member disguised as a wastelander to lure unsuspecting victims into an ambush. They have already duped several wastelanders inside, murdered them, and dumped their corpses in the basement.

Griswold's gang[]

Griswold's gang has secured the Monsignor Plaza shopping center in the heart of Boston. Aside from the standard murder, kidnapping and extortion, Griswold also has a creative side which he injects into his collection of raider-centric poetry.

Helter Skelter's gang[]

Like some other raider groups, Helter Skelter's gang has settled in the metro tunnels of Malden Center where they are surrounded by super mutants and feral ghouls above ground. However, the metro certainly does not protect the gang when a platoon of Institute synths storm the place and attempt to slaughter everyone inside. Helter Skelter and some of his best men have holed up in the terminus of the tunnel, and are making their last stand against the synthetic menace.

Jared's gang[]

Jared's gang decided to take over Lexington, first securing the Corvega assembly plant as their base of operations. To do so they needed to clear the town of the feral ghouls. Once that was done they built up their defenses, but left a gap in security in their basement exit. This decision was a good one for them, as caravans pass by the town three times a month.

Jared's main goal was to harness the power of "the Sight." This ability to see the future was activated by the use of chems, as in the case of Mama Murphy. However, one has to have the Sight first, something Jared learned the hard way. Still, this was not a complete loss for him, as the rumors of his gang members getting "free" chems bolstered their numbers. One day, after months of traveling, the survivors of the Quincy Massacre passed through this gang's territory. Jared instantly recognized Mama Murphy as the fortune teller who told him his fate, sending Gristle with a detachment of his raiders to Concord to go after her and her caravan. Meanwhile, another of his lieutenants, Lonnie, took some men to clear out the straggling ferals in the Lexington apartments.

Word travels around when the Sole Survivor wipes out another raider gang. When Jared hears of the slaughter of the gang at Beantown Brewery, he decides that it would be best to post more guards around the facility. When he hears of Bosco's gang's slaughter, he is both relieved that the lunatics are dead and scared, sending scouts out to try to figure out where the killer will strike next.

Lefty's gang[]

Under the psychic guidance of Lorenzo Cabot, Lefty and his crew have broken through the defenses of the Cabot family and are trying to release the patriarch from his prison beneath Parsons State Insane Asylum. Of course, they do not understand the gravity of the situation nor what would happen should Lorenzo be freed.

L&L Gang[]

Main article: L&L Gang

This raider group is a loose alliance of several smaller gangs led by six individual leaders, with a reputation for extreme violence against synths. As a result, the Railroad considers them to be its second-worst enemy after the Institute.

Mahkra Fishpacking gang[]

A small band of raiders set up camp in and around the Mahkra Fishpacking plant but were recently slaughtered by Institute synths. Nothing remains of them besides a few tents and raider corpses.

Nuka-World raiders[]

Main article: Nuka-World raiders

The Nuka-World raiders are an alliance between three raider gangs for the purposes of taking over Nuka-World and establishing a large raider empire. These raider gangs are the Disciples, the Operators, and the Pack. The Nuka-World raider alliance is overseen by Overboss Colter and his second-in-command, Porter Gage.

The Disciples[]

Main article: Disciples

The Disciples are a gang of bloodthirsty killers led solely by Nisha and one of the three main gangs controlling Nuka-World, easily distinguished by stylized metal helmets that cover their faces. Since Nisha became their leader and named them the Disciples, they follow what they see as the natural way of the world: kill or be killed. Their base of operations within Nuka-World is Fizztop Mountain, and is filled with gore and dismembered corpses.

The Operators[]

Main article: Operators

The Operators are one of the three gangs of raiders controlling Nuka-World, led by the siblings Mags and William Black, both of whom came from a wealthy family in Diamond City. The pair were troublemakers, and after their actions led to the death of a woman, they were exiled from the city and denied their inheritance by their parents. Unlike any other gang of raiders, they sport functional outfits, stylish hairstyles and sunglasses and a have more approachable and reasonable demeanor compared to the outlandish garb of their counterparts. The Operators can be easily classified as an organized crime group or syndicate, with their main motivation being profit. Their base of operations within Nuka-World is the Parlor.

The Pack[]

Main article: The Pack

The Pack is one of the three raider gangs controlling Nuka-World, with a hierarchy based on wolf packs. With their leader being referred to as the "Alpha," they follow the rule of "survival of the fittest." As with certain other animals, (e.g. peacocks), they use their colorful and outlandish looks to boast. It is common for Pack members to challenge the reigning Alpha to win the title. The current Alpha is Mason. Their base of operations within Nuka-World is the Bradberton Amphitheater.

Rags' gang[]

The survivors of the Norwegian crew of the FMS Northern Star have made their beached cargo vessel their home since they ran aground in 2077. They were once refugees, but now they are ghoulified raiders led by a man named Rags, who will attack anyone who wanders on to their vessel.

Red Tourette's gang[]

Red Tourette took control of the federal ration stockpile outside Boston proper in order to secure a stable food supply against their rivals. In an act of desperation, a rival gang led by Tower Tom attacked Red's encampment hoping to gather some food, but instead took Red Tourette's sister Lily hostage, ransoming her safety for shipments of food, which unbeknownst to him were urinated upon by Red's dogs. Lily, however, was killed trying to escape and Tom had to keep her sister in the dark to keep the food shipments coming. Being suspicious, Red sent an infiltrator to join Tom's gang and after searching, found no trace of Lily. If Tom's gang is wiped out, she expresses hope of finding her sister, believing that she was moved prior to the crew getting slaughtered.

Ricca's gang[]

Prior to its extermination by being overrun by feral ghouls, this group fortified College Square. They used it as a base not only for the usual raider antics, but also an extortion racket, charging travelers safe passage (from themselves) through their territory for a set fee.[8] However, if the ghouls had not wiped out the raiders at College Square, a mutiny against Ricca would have been inevitable since her tolls weren't sustainable, and drove traders to take other routes.[9]

Rust Devils[]

Main article: Rust Devils

The Rust Devils secured a base at the Fort Hagen satellite array and the hangar below. While some gangs have guard dogs, these raiders have guard robots; rather than merely raiding settlements and extorting travelers, they have the technological know-how to raid warehouses and stores for robotics and create their own death machines. They also use spare robot parts as armor, which distinguishes them in appearance from other raider gangs.

Scutter's gang[]

A small vicious raider band in Hyde Park, led by Scutter, they are particularly noted for skinning and wearing their victims. They are also noted to have refused to submit to Bosco's gang.

Sinjin's gang[]

Led by a ghoul named Sinjin, this gang takes residence in the Milton General Hospital. They are notorious for harassing Goodneighbor and for particularly causing havoc for Kent Connolly, who sent the Sole Survivor, dressed as the Silver Shroud, to take them down. Unlike other raider leaders, Sinjin has the drive, tenacity, and vision that characterize true warlords. In time, he could form an army to rock the very foundations of the Commonwealth, which is why Hancock has a vested interest in eliminating him before he becomes a real problem.[10]

Sinner's gang[]

Sinner and his raiders did not have a set base of operation and roamed the wasteland as nomadic bandits until they swooped in and claimed the Sole Survivor's newly erected raider settlement during Home Sweet Home. Decked out in power armor, the small gang is a formidable force.

Slab's gang[]

Led by Slab, this raider outfit has been repeatedly targeted by the serial killer artist Pickman. Seeking revenge and attempting to put an end to their losses, they are currently assaulting Pickman's hideout, the Pickman Gallery, to find and kill the killer.

Slough's gang[]

Slough and his gang of ghouls inhabit the radioactive pit of Quincy Quarries. They do not butt heads with other raider gangs, but the Gunners have encroached on the quarries plenty of times. The gang also recently uncovered the entrance to Vault 88, and have been trying their best to get inside to loot it.

Sully Mathis' gang[]

Sully Mathis intends to drain the currently-flooded Thicket Excavations under the pretense of collecting scrap. However, he is the head of a gang that intends to use the place as a base of operations to terrorize the region, with the added benefit of farming the mirelurks that once called the flooded pit home.

The Forged[]

Main article: The Forged

The Forged are a fanatical gang headed by Slag, a man with a mean streak and an affinity for burning weaklings and dissenters in the crucibles of the Saugus Ironworks. With little in the way of food and supplies in the ironworks, they mostly resort to raiding nearby farms, especially Finch farm.

Tower Tom's gang[]

Tower Tom took control of the Beantown Brewery, and although beer was plentiful, food was scarce. He sent Sparta to the BADTFL regional office to scrounge up any food to stave off the inevitable desertion of his crew. In desperation, he led an attack on the federal ration stockpile to secure any foodstuffs, but Red Tourette's gang was well established and supplied. The raid force was slaughtered, but they were able to take several hostages, one of which was Lily, Red Tourette's sister. Using this as leverage, Tom blackmailed his way into securing supplies, although unbeknownst to him, they were purposely urinated on by Red's dogs. However, his gang failed to properly tie Lily up, and she was accidentally killed during an escape attempt. Desperate, Tom is keeping up the appearance of her still being in his possession to continue the food supplies.

Walter's gang[]

Operating out of the Walden Pond gift shop basement and cave, they pillage, blackmail, and murder at their discretion. Ironically, they are completely oblivious of who Henry David Thoreau was and what Transcendentalism is.

West Everett Estates gang[]

A gang of raiders drove the original survivors of the suburb out shortly after the Great War. It is unknown how many times power changed hands at this location over the centuries, but a raider gang was wiped out in 2287 when a tribe of super mutants led by Hammer swept through the settlement and claimed it as their own.

Wire's gang[]

These desperate, disillusioned souls were a group of former Commonwealth Minutemen led by James Wire who fell into raiding. Originally settling the remains of Libertalia, they began to offer their services as mercenaries after the fall of the Minutemen. However, when the merchants they were hired by began to stiff them on their deals, they began to attack the very caravans they once protected. This led to an impromptu extortion deal between Bunker Hill and Libertalia, with the merchants they previously employed bribing them far more money to just be left alone. Word would spread and they found themselves with new recruits, ones arriving with word of a new gang in the bay.

Zeller's Army[]

Judge Zeller and his gang, "Zeller's Army," have made their home in the East Boston Preparatory School, and make their living harassing trade caravans on their way to and from Bunker Hill, despite the protection money that the merchant settlement offers to gangs to allow them to operate. They are known for brainwashing victims into joining their gang by torturing them mentally and physically until they submit. Despite their name, it is suggested that Zeller himself is just another brainwashed victim of the gang, based on the blood contract that he himself carries.


Notable raiders[]


Specific locations[]

Outside relations[]

By their very nature, raiders are lawless individuals and only stick with people of a like mind. This means that everyone who is not a part of their gang is a potential target for kidnapping, slavery, torture, and murder, and this includes members of other raider gangs. As such, they are the scourge of the Commonwealth and are rightfully hated by every major player in the Commonwealth, particularly the Commonwealth Minutemen. The Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Institute also show no love for raiders, as they routinely disrupt their operatives' missions throughout the region.


Raiders generally wear simple, often makeshift apparel and make use of basic armor forged from leather, scrap metal, and/or scavenged combat armor pieces. This gives many raiders varying forms of attire and a myriad of different resistances.[Non-game 1] However, some raider bosses have managed to restore functionality to scavenged suits of power armor.[11]

Like their armor, raiders use a wide assortment of firearms in their operations. The most common firearms are crudely made pipe guns, which are valued for their ease of use, versatility, and modifiability.[12] Other arms include anything they can salvage or acquire, such as 10mm pistols, hunting rifles, combat shotguns, combat rifles, and rarely laser weaponry.

Certain raider groups utilize turrets, showing that at least some members possess the technical know-how to maintain and/or program turrets in order to defend their territory.


Raiders appear in Fallout 4 and its add-ons Automatron and Nuka-World.

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