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This is a transcript for dialogue with Raider punk.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005693E1 005693E5 Oh uh. Geez. Dang it. I don't have that much... but... hey, tell you what. I know people who know things. Bummed out
2 I can... I can tell you where to find valuables, find missing people or maybe kill things... those things have bounties sometimes. Bargaining
3 I can definitely find you at least something every day. Something worth your time. Is that... is that okay? Please say yes. Really excited.
4 005693E2 005693E4 Seriously? Whoa. That's out of this world. You got space for me there? I don't need much. I just need open airwaves, baby. He's so excited and naive
5 Here... here... take my radio. Set it up at your place. I gotta make some plans. Tell some buddies. Tell my mom. Oh yeah, my mom... He's a bit derpy
6 This is the best day! Oh man! I'll see you soon! Excited
7 005693E3 005693E6 Got some family here. Gotta make sure they're okay. Quietly, muttering
8 005693F0 I just need to get out on my own one of these days, you know?
9 0058301C Always gotta be ready to go on recon. Quietly, muttering
10 00585D20 The radio network is gonna be so jazzed when they hear about this. Kinda excited!
11 00585D21 Can't wait to tell the rest of the gang! Kinda excited!
12 00585D22 A whole new world is opening up! Kinda excited!
13 00585D23 This place is too crowded for me. Grumbling
14 00585D24 I need to set up my radio someplace where I can talk freely. Openly. Grumbling
15 00585D25 The radio network is growing every day. But I'm no use to them where I am now. Whiny
16 00585D26 Face to face communication isn't my thing. It never was. Grumbling
17 0056940B 0056940D I wonder if they'll let me set up my radio around here.
18 0056940E Crater is just too crowded these days.
19 0056940F I need some fresh air, that's all.
20 00569410 There's just too many people around all the time.
21 00569411 If I could live out in the wilderness, out away from all this, I would. I just don't have it in me. Depressed, annoyed that he's not good enough
22 00583017 Four sightings in the past week. That's gotta be a record. Excited, he loves cryptic stuff
23 00583018 I never heard of anything so scary before in my life. I better radio it out to the gang. Excited, he loves cryptic stuff
24 00583019 I heard the mothman steals your dreams. Excited, he loves cryptic stuff
25 0058301A I never saw any ghosts, but I once saw giant turtle with two heads. Weirdo
26 0058301B Someone on the radio said there was a headless beast ripping people apart near the lake. How exciting is that, man?! Excited, he loves cryptic stuff
27 00582FF0 0058300C I get that a lot. Like a lot. It's okay... I got plenty of friends here. And I know people... on the radio. They know me too! Grumbling, embarrassed
28 00582FF3 00583009 Yes! My life is really turning around. Everybody on the radio is gonna be so impressed! Super excited
29 00582FF5 00583011 I get that a lot. Like a lot. It's okay... I got plenty of friends here. And I know people... on the radio. They know me too! Grumbling, embarrassed
30 00582FF7 0058300A I hear you. I really do. It's just too crowded, you know? It's okay sometimes but... not always. Agreed completely
31 I got friends in Crater, and I like being nearby, but I don't like being there all the time. That's all. You feel me? Looking for approval
32 00582FF9 00583012 Look. I got this dream, it eats me up inside. I've been traveling with this crowd for a while, and well... I need to get away. You feel me? Talking about the raiders
33 They're well, don't get me wrong. I still wanna stop by and hang out with them, see the sights, but I need quiet, calm... I need to hear the world. He's a little weird
34 I got a radio, I know some people. Got a buddy here in Crater, a hunter pal out in Foundation, know some people all over. I know people, man. Emphasis on the last part, quietly, as if nobody else can hear
35 00582FFA 0058300B Huh? Why you still standing here? I've gotta find someone on the horn. Someone who can take me in... yeah, that's it. Excited
36 00582FFE 0058300D Because... because... I don't know you? Get lost, weirdo. Seriously though, he thinks the player is a creeper
37 00583000 00583016 You... you have? I bet you didn't see stuff while just hanging out in town, did you? No... you went out there in the world, you did stuff! Flailing, getting angsty
38 00583002 0058300E I *feel* like a caged animal, man. I need to get out of this place. I need... I need the open air. You get me? A little anxiety
39 00583004 00583008 Oh man, oh man. I was just thinking that the other day. How... how did you know that? Freaking out, man
40 Wait. I don't want to know. I want to find out for myself. I need to get out of this dump. Anxiety + Weird
41 00583006 00583010 All I wanna do is get out of this place, get my radio set up somewhere and talk about the world, how it is now. You get me? Cryptids
42 00583007 00583015 You hear of anything weird happening lately or what? Conspiracy guy
43 00585D1C Weird stuff just follows me around. Muttering
44 00585D1D You gotta make more noise when you walk, friend.
45 00585D1E Sssshhh. Did you... hear something? Smell something? Anything? Excited
46 00585D1F Not here. Too public. Excited


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
6 00568CB3 00568D1F Listening is the key to life. Gotta focus.
7 00568D20 Need to stock up on some chems soon, starting to lose the colors.
8 00568D21 Lights in the sky. It's communication. It's intent.
9 00568D22 Gotta wonder who else is out there, watching us, trying to figure us all out.
10 00568D23 Never thought I'd be back in Appalachia.
11 00568D24 Gotta listen, all the time. Lots of chatter back and forth.
12 00568D25 I gotta teach Grahm to use the radio someday. We could start a show.
13 00568D26 All we gotta do is expand. Keep pushing.
14 00568D27 Thought I saw spooky eyes in the woods, but it turned out to be regular eyes.
15 00568D28 I just hope nobody drops a nuke while I'm dropping a grumper.
16 00568D29 I don't want to have my own place. What a headache that would be.
17 00568D2A I like the idea of settlements, but the freedom to move your home at any time is where it's at!
18 00568D2B Gotta reclaim the world. Gotta start somewhere.
19 00568D2C Worst thing about the apocalypse is no good shoe stores.
20 00568D2D You can't really get a lot of privacy in the Crater anymore.
21 00568D2E Gotta keep up my radio voice. You never know.
22 00568D2F I don't got time for kisses.
23 00568D30 Now now brown cow. Er. How now brow --- ugh. One more time. How now brown cow. Okay. Still got it.
24 00568D31 The free thugs set three thugs free.
25 00568D32 Round the round and rugged rock... wait.
26 Round and round the round and round... ugh! My brain!
27 Round the rough and rugged rock the ragged rascal rudely ran. Aha! I did it!
28 00568CB8 00568D34 Brace yourself, could be tough out there.
29 00568D35 Be prepared for anything, kid.
30 00568D36 Don't forget to eat a healthy meal before you head out. Eat something nutritious like, I dunno, pure sugar or beer or something. Good luck out there.
31 00568D37 Good luck, kid. You'll need it.
32 00568D38 Be careful, don't charge in like a fool and you'll be fine. Good luck, kid.
33 00568D3A Go get 'em, tiger.
34 00568D3B All right, that's all I know. Beat it.
35 00568D3C Go on, sunshine, time to get the job done.
36 00568D3D All right, you have all the information you need. Scram.
37 00568D3E I'm going to stay on the horn, see if I can figure out what you could do tomorrow. I got some ideas...
38 00568D40 You'll be fine. You're not worried, are you? Get out of here, punk.
39 00568D41 I'm not going to worry much for you, I like to think you know how to handle yourself by now. Now get lost, kid.
40 00568D42 You've done this sort of work before—hit hard, hit fast. Grab the goods and get out. You know what to do.
41 00568D43 Brace yourself, could be tough. Though I think you can handle it.
42 00568D44 I don't need to give you any more advice, you know how to take care of business. Get outta here.
43 00568CBB 0056FB8F Great. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
47 0059FA18 No way. Sorry, friend. It's a selective group of like-minded individuals and it takes years to build up their trust. He's genuinely sorry about it, but it's absolutely a non-starter. And it would be risky for him too.
48 0059FA19 I get tips about strange creatures and unusual items in Appalachia. This place is crawling with cryptids, you know. Leaning in closer at the end, trying to be all top secret about elusive theories.
49 0059FA1A Our team is all over the place. They report odd things, sometimes on the radio, or in encoded notes, and sometimes direct from... psychics. He gets more conspiracy-like the longer he talks.
50 00568CBC 00568D13 Gotcha. I'm in the middle of deciphering a code from some mothman hunters anyway.
51 00568D14 I've got to keep monitoring the chatter anyway, see ya.
52 00568D15 No problem. I'm pretty busy myself. I'm the safety contact right now for someone who is tracking down strange lights in the sky.
53 00568D16 Understood, I've got to be monitoring the chatter now anyway. Lots to do.
54 00568D17 You gotta do what you gotta do.
55 00568CBE 00568CF9 The Mothman is a pretty intriguing creature... but... I think they're just on some sort of weird chem.
56 00568CFC Foundation? Man. I dunno. They're... I dunno. Ugh. They dig ditches and stuff... and are like... I dunno. They're fine. They're... fine. Trying to remain neutral but clearly dislikes them
57 00568CFD Me? Hell no. I mean, I tried it out a few times but... no. I am much happier decrypting messages for the network and relaying intel. It's soothing. He knows what he loves to do.
58 00568CFE Jimbo? Well... we met in the last gang before Crater. He's into the hard chems way more than me... it's the only reason we aren't together now. Sighs at the end, sadly. He loves Jimbo but he knows Jimbo is a bit too unstable for him.
59 One day he'll get bored of them though. I hope anyway... and I'll be here for him when he does. Said patiently
60 00568CFF Uh. Yes! Of course. Who doesn't? Excited to share weirdness.
61 When I first got to Appalachia with the other raiders, I built a tent in the woods and stared out into the trees trying to fall asleep. Telling a story
62 I kept staring at some berries thinking... I should make a pie tomorrow. Mmm! Telling a story
63 Then those "berries" blinked. They blinked! I saw the Mothman on my very first night! Oh it still gives me flutters just thinking about it. So excited
64 00568D01 Okay, right on. I deciphered this one with the Caesar shift. Simple stuff.
65 00568D02 I picked all this up on the open radio, can you believe it? No encryption at all. Hah!
66 00568D03 You got it. This lovely scrap of info was picked up using a battle code cipher from the ancient times.
67 0058233F My buddy Jimbo pulled me into it. He was with the gang at Crater for a while and left a bit before me. Wanted to do things his own way. Talking about a friend. Proud
68 00582340 I decipher codes mostly. I'm not what you'd call a field agent. That's more your style. It's kinda why I didn't fit in at Crater, I guess. A little embarrassed because he's a nerd.
69 00582341 Well, the network mostly communicates on the radio but sometimes you have to send written messages, right? That's where I come in. I love puzzles! He's proud of his nerdiness!
70 00582342 I grew up with random gangs for most of my life. Here and there. You know, same old sob story that most of us have. But mostly up north. Explaining
71 00582344 I heard it from a guy on the radio who heard it from a bartender in Crater who heard it from a trader who heard it from a farmer... I think. Not sure, kinda joking.
72 00586B1A There's this old stump where sometimes I leave messages in it, and sometimes I find them. Usually encrypted. I don't know where they come from. Wishes he knew
73 00586B1B You'd never believe me even if I told you. It's probably weird.
74 0059FC12 Heard it on the radio, figured... I dunno. Worth exploring. Sent out a buddy of mine to check into it and it does seem valid.
75 0059FC13 You're gonna laugh but... a trader sold me the details for 20 caps. Figured eh, why not?
76 0059FC14 Picked up on a strange code going out over the air waves. Thought it might be something else... but deciphered it, and well. Ta-da.
77 0059FC15 I don't even remember anymore, honestly. It came up so long ago...
78 0059FC16 You'd never believe me if I told you, but... I'll say that it did involve the Mothman and some fool who was only wearing a hat.
79 0059FC17 Did I ever tell you about the singing stump? Every once in a while, when the air is just right... people say it tells you things. Lemme say. It does.
80 0059FC18 I heard it from a guy who heard it from a moose. Don't ask questions you weren't prepared to hear the answers for, kid.
81 0059FC19 None of your business. Trade secret.
82 0059FC1A I asked Grahm. He knows more than you'd believe, you know. Chally remembers everything. That's my theory, anyway...
83 00568CC0 00568D0C Got a lead on a piece of armor that has passed hands dozens of times. People say it's cursed. Whoever wears it is doomed. Anyway, wanna get it? He thinks it's funny
84 00568D0D Been tracking an old piece of armor that was worn by some of the old Raiders around here. This is history, you know? We gotta get it and... get it! "Get it and uh.... GET IT!"
85 00571FE0 I don't want to go into details on this. It's gruesome. I'm going to just tell you that you need to kill this person and be done with it. Very serious. This person did some shit.
86 00571FE1 The network has been looking for this wretch for a while. And voila. You don't even want to know the twisted crap that happened. Just... finish it. == Kill them
87 0059FA8D One of our network hunters got nabbed right in the middle of Crater. All our other hunters are on assignment. Can you take care of this? Asking for help finding a fellow hunter
88 0059FA8E Heard from a trader that they saw someone getting dragged away from their camp just a bit ago. They think they know where to look. Got time for it? Asking for help finding a missing person
89 0059FA8F Picked up the voice of someone on the radio. I think they need help. I've got some information but... not a ton. Asking for help finding a missing person
90 0059FA92 Heard about some wild beasts that need to be put down. Feral monsters, really. It's mostly a safety thing. Asking the player to kill some mutated animals. Not a huge deal, just asking.
91 0059FA93 Got a tip that something unusual has been happening, lots of strange animal sounds... might be aggressive. Asking the player to kill some mutated animals. Not a huge deal, just asking.
92 0059FA94 Network reported some disappearances lately. One of our hunters tracked it down and found some feral beasts... too many for them. Can you take over? Asking the player to kill some mutated animals. Not a huge deal, just asking.
93 0059FA95 Found out about someone who has been killing cryptid hunters. Regularly. A cryptid hunter hunter. I need you to end this madness. Sort of a joke in the middle, but serious at the end.
94 0059FA99 I picked it up on the network, but I've confirmed it on my own as well. Proud of his work
95 0059FA9A Doesn't really matter, does it? It needs to be done. Shrugs.
96 0059FA9B Let's just say that I've confirmed this with several different sources, and everyone agrees with this course of action. Shrugs.
97 0059FA9D Heard about some weird shit that someone stashed nearby. I honestly don't even know how to describe it, but I do think it's legit. You ready for this? Asking the player to find a quest item.
98 0059FA9E There's definitely something weird happening right now, and I think it's centered around a bizarre object... Asking the player to find a quest item.
99 Is it related? Maybe. Could it kill you? Solid maybe. Conspiratorial but also a little twisted
100 0059FA9F Appalachia is full of weird shit, and I just so happen to know exactly where some of that bizarre history is located. Asking the player to find a quest item.
101 0059FAA5 The network sent me a list of potentially valuable items that were found while tracking down the Mothman recently. Not unusual but... caps are caps. Explaining the quest premise to the player
102 0059FAA9 Network asked me if I wanted to pick up this weapon on value alone. Sort of a random bonus for good work. Figured I'd pass it on to you. Explaining the premise of the quest to the player.
103 0059FAAA The network picked up a couple of interesting tips recently about a weapon. The hunters didn't bite since it seemed mundane but... there's more. Explaining the premise of the quest to the player.
104 0059FAAB Couldn't find jack or shit on the network today, but I did hear a trader mention a weapon that she dropped nearby. May as well, right? Free shit! Explaining the premise of the quest to the player.
105 00568CC1 00568CD1 Ah, good. You survived and got the stuff. See? That wasn't so hard.
106 00568CD2 Nice. I'm already working on the next lead for you, but it'll take time. So come back later, ok?
107 00568CD3 Swell. Glad you found it. I'm going to consider that as my rent payment. Hah!
108 00568CD4 Glad you found the stuff. Hopefully it's worth something to you. Value is hard to gauge sometimes.
109 00568CD5 I knew you'd find it. No sweat, right?
110 00568CE0 You find anything yet? I don't know how long that lead will be good for.
111 00568CE1 I'd hurry to that spot if I were you. Things change all the time around here.
112 00568CE2 You should skidaddle to that spot as soon as you can, friend.
113 00568CE3 I can't go with you, friend-o, I've got to listen to my radio for updates on a future lead. It's a lot of research, you know.
114 00568CE4 You should go grab that stuff as soon as you can. You never know who else is also looking for it.
115 00568CE6 Hopefully you were able to get something valuable out of that lead.
116 00568CE7 I might have an interesting lead for you later, just stop by in a bit.
117 00568CE8 Find anything valuable while you were out there?
118 00568CE9 Hey friend. I hope that lead turned out well for you.
119 00568CEA Hey, friend. I'm working on a potential lead for you, but I need to decipher this code a bit more.
120 00568CEC Radio network has been buzzing with info lately. You ready for some action? Excited to pass along info
121 00568CED Guess what? Someone saw something... weird. You want to follow up, right? Right? I knew it! Super excited to help.
122 00568CEE I heard a strange voice on the radio. Don't know who they are at all. You just *gotta* check this out, right?! Super excited, could be anything!
123 00568CEF Some new folks joined the radio network, and some of these stories are juicy. You got some time? Excited to share the weird news
124 00568CF0 Got a lead that you may want to investigate if you have time. Also, hey friend.
125 00568CF2 I see that you've set up my radio, so I can get started. I already have one tip that I picked up before I left Crater. Excited. TIme to get to business!
126 0059FAB9 You could always grab a trusted buddy to help you out with this... I mean, if you can trust anyone to be quiet about the network. Said when the player has accepted the quest but hasn't finished it.
127 0059FABA I sent you the location for the cryptid monitor... or what's left of it, anyway. Wondering if it's been out there too long.
128 0059FABB One of the psychics in the network predicted you'd return with it. Guess he was right. Nice. First quest only. Player returned with a specific item.
129 0059FABC Thought you might stop by. Listen. I'm impressed with your work, the network is too. That means I've got another lead for you. Offering the player a quest.
130 0059FABD I heard about something unusual from one of my sources... it's a little weird, but not completely out there. Offering a quest.
131 0059FABE So, I need you to check something out for me. A bunch of hunters have already declined on this one. I don't know what that means... Offering a quest.
132 0059FABF I've been investigating some weird rumors lately... and I think I need to get you involved. Got some time? Generic "hey I have a quest for you" opening line.
133 0059FAC0 This lead has bounced around the network for a while, and I think it's time someone checked it out. What do you think? Excited to share the weird news
134 0059FAC1 Boy am I glad to see you. Check this out... Offering a quest.
135 0059FAC2 My favorite hunter of the weird and unusual is back again, I see... good! Offering a quest.
136 0059FAC3 I'm so glad I can trust you with all this weird shit. Offering a quest.
137 0059FAC4 Look. This is a weird lead... but I think we should investigate it. Got a moment? Super excited to help.
138 0059FAC5 Picked up this tip from the network today... you ready to investigate this weird shit or what? Super excited to help.
139 0059FAC7 Well, that's a relief... thank you for doing that. The network will take it from here. Player is returning to tell the Punk that they rescued someone succcessfully.
140 0059FAC8 Damn you're good. I knew we could count on you for that. The network is not going to forget this, friend. Player is returning to tell the Punk that they rescued someone succcessfully.
141 0059FAC9 You know... me and an old hunter pal were sort of taking bets on whether you were gonna succeed out there. Just so you know, I won. Player is returning to tell the Punk that they rescued someone succcessfully.
142 0059FACA I heard you wrapped that up already. Impressive, my friend. Impressive. Player is returning to tell the Punk that they rescued someone succcessfully.
143 0059FACB See, this is why I knew I would be safe here at your place. You seemed like someone who gets shit done. I was never so spot-on. Player is returning to tell the Punk that they rescued someone succcessfully.
144 0059FACC Just when you think you've seen it all... huh. Well, thanks for picking this thing up. Punk was just handed an object and thinks it's really weird.
145 0059FACD Thanks for checking that out for us. The network told me to tell you that they're watching you. But in a good way. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
146 0059FACE For a while, I wasn't sure if you were coming back or running off with this thing. But, well, all your shit is here so... that would be weird. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
147 0059FACF The psychic was telling me that you might be cursed now because this thing is cursed. It's probably bullshit though. Anyway, let's hope right? Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
148 0059FAD0 What even is this shit? This is weirder than I even thought. I'm going to need to take it to... I don't even know who. Punk was just handed an object and thinks it's really weird.
149 0059FAD1 Thanks for picking this up... I've got someone from the network who is going to pick it up later. For the collection. Punk was just handed an object and thinks it's really weird.
150 0059FAD2 Strange. I hope there aren't more of these things out there, but I bet there are. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
151 0059FAD3 Oh! This is perfect. This is the exact bit of evidence that I need to support one of my theories. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
152 0059FAD4 I had a dream about this thing... that is so odd. Am I awake? Are any of us really awake? Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
153 0059FAD5 I know a weirdo who's got a theory about these things... I'm gonna sell it to her in exchange for her notes on the Mothman's breeding habits. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
154 0059FAD6 Thanks for picking this thing up. Don't... tell anyone, but I'm not giving this one to the network experts. I have a theory, and I need to test it. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
155 0059FAD7 Is this what I asked you to find? I don't remember... it's like... I have a hole in my memory. What the hell? Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest. Confused, sort of pissed off.
156 0059FAD8 Thanks for picking this thing up, friendo. I got an expert swinging by later to pick it up for additional tests. Punk was just handed an object that finishes a quest.
157 0056FB7C 00568DA6 A hunter buddy of mine said he was chased away from this place by a pack of snarling yao guai. Said it was definitely too much for him to handle.
158 00568DA7 I've heard a lot of chatter lately about this place. Sounds like there are tons of grunts and strange noises coming from this place.
159 Probably just yao guai. But could be rutting yao guai. Brace yourself.
160 00568DA8 Ever wanted a giant hug from a hostile and entirely deadly teddy bear covered in blood and scabs? If so, then this is your place.
161 00568DAA Couple hunters said they found an enormous amount of wolf scat around this place. The hunters moved on to easier grounds. Expect trouble.
162 00568DAB One thing about this place - seems to be used frequently by packs of wolves that are rather protective of their territory.
163 00568DAC Howls can be heard around this place—sounds like wolves though, not anything too worrisome.
164 00568DAE If I said this place was overrun with packs of dogs, do you imagine tiny fluffy yippy dogs? I do! Unfortunately, these are mean, disease-ridden ones.
165 00568DAF Couple of buddies ran into a pack of vicious dogs around here a while back. Could still be there.
166 00568DB0 Heard some folks spotted vicious dogs in that area. So, not too worrisome but be on the lookout.
167 00568DB2 I heard this place is hopping with huge toads. Get it?! Hopping! Okay, scram kid.
168 00568DB3 Someone found a bunch of giant toad eggs around here a while back, I imagine they'd be full grown by now.
169 00568DB4 Sometimes giant toads swing by this place to spawn, I've heard. So keep an eye out.
170 00568DB6 Heard this place was full of bloated, giant ticks. Just a giant nest of them skittering around with their tiny sucker mouths.
171 00568DB7 Be warned... this place is probably still crawling with Ticks. Last I heard, it was infested.
172 00568DB8 How much do you like to pop Ticks? Well, if your answer is: "It's my favorite thing ever!" then you're going to love this place.
173 00568DBA Heads up: a couple of traders warned me that this place was covered in swamp creatures.
174 00568DBB Try to stay safe, but keep an eye out for swamp creatures. I heard the place was pretty much flooded with them.
175 00568DBC Got a report that the place is full of swamp creatures, so stay alert.
176 00568DBE You'll probably smell them first, but keep an eye out for the Super Mutants anyway.
177 00568DBF Last I heard, the place was being used by a group of Super Mutants. Probably still the case, so use caution.
178 00568DC0 Heard someone say they heard a bunch of Super Mutant chatter going on near this place, so take heed.
179 00568DC2 My buddy Jimbo said last time he was nearby, he saw some Stingwing nests around this place. So watch out.
180 00568DC3 A hunter I know was chased from this general area by a pack of Stingwings. So be on the lookout.
181 00568DC4 I've heard that some Stingwings have been nesting around in this area, so keep an eye out.
182 00568DC6 Want to see the Sheepsquatch? Word is, this place has one. Maybe more, but at least one.
183 00568DC7 One of my hunter buddies tracked a Sheepsquatch to this place, but the beast is holed up there pretty safely. So be warned.
184 00568DC8 Friend of mine said the place reeks of Sheepsquatch stink. Be warned.
185 00568DCA Heard there were Sentry Bots roaming in this place. Not sure what their deal is, but be warned.
186 00568DCB I heard someone say they passed some Sentry Bots heading towards this place. Who knows why, but they're probably still there.
187 00568DCC Sentry Bots have been spotted in this area, though not sure what they're trying to do. Just be warned.
188 00568DCE We aren't sure why, but there have been some scorpions spotted around this place in particular. Watch out.
189 00568DCF A buddy of mine was walking by this place and heard some scorpion sounds. You know, clamping claws, skittering feet. Be warned. Could be a lot.
190 00568DD0 I've heard that some folks ran into some scorpions around this area before, so be on the lookout.
191 00568DD2 I asked a buddy if she had noticed anything near this place lately, and she said it was just full of the usual Scorched. Good to know though.
192 00568DD3 Haven't heard anything unusual about this particular place, but I would expect it to be full of Scorched. Kinda normal for this area.
193 00568DD4 Safe to assume this place is full of Scorched. It often is.
194 00568DD6 Trader saw a conga line of robots heading towards this place. Not sure what their intention is, but I'd assume they're hostile.
195 00568DD7 Couple buddies of mine went in there lately thinking it was just abandoned, but nope. Robots. Loads of them.
196 00568DD8 Heard some robots were occupying this place for some reason. Always hard to know why robots do the things they do, but be warned.
197 00568DDA Got a tip that some military robots are currently occupying this particular place, so be warned.
198 00568DDB Military buddy of mine said he was followed by a bunch of military robots shouting orders at him.
199 He lost them in this place, but I bet you they're still there, waiting.
200 00568DDC Heard on the radio that a bunch of military robots were patrolling right around this area, so stay on guard.
201 00568DDE Seems like a Robobrain has decided to patrol this exact spot. Be warned, it probably brought others with it.
202 00568DDF Expect to encounter some Robobrains here. Got a report from a scout that their tracks were found in that area recently.
203 00568DE0 Last time I heard, there were some Robobrains in this area. They scared off the last group of folks who passed by pretty quickly.
204 00568DE2 This place is utterly infested with rats, last I heard.
205 00568DE3 Spoke with a trader recently who specializes in dried rat meats, said he came up to this place and filled up in less than a minute. Totally overrun.
206 00568DE4 I heard there were tons of rat nests in the area, so it's probably breeding season or something. Be warned. It's probably infested.
207 00568DE6 Heard radio chatter about a bunch of marauders in that area, so keep an eye out. They always expect a fight.
208 00568DE7 Heard a lot of reports that a bunch of rowdy marauders have taken up residence there. So be prepared for a fight.
209 00568DE8 I heard a marauder say on the open airwaves that his crew is holed up in this location, so there's no surprise for you. Expect them.
210 00568DEA You think radroaches are bad normally, right? Well this place is a radroach hotel. They're just breeding here until the place is overrun. Be warned.
211 00568DEB This place is utterly infested with radroaches. Be warned.
212 00568DEC I heard from a buddy that she didn't even need to get close to hear the skittering legs of radroaches there. The place is probably infested.
213 00568DEE Heard a trader say he lost a pack animal in this place to some Rad Ants. Got absolutely swarmed and took down the beast. Be warned.
214 00568DEF Just so you know, this place is teeming with ants. Big ones. Apparently their eggs started hatching recently and they're all starving.
215 00568DF0 I hate ants. Big ones, little ones, all of them. Well, lucky for me, I don't have to go to this place with you since it's teeming with them. Enjoy.
216 00568DF2 Heard from a buddy that this place is occupied by protectrons. Could hear them beeping and whirring from pretty far off, so there's a lot.
217 00568DF3 Couple of folks reported seeing tracks for a bunch of protectrons around this place. No scat though, turns out protectrons don't do that.
218 00568DF4 Sometimes protectrons get stuck around this place. Not sure why. Old algorithms, probably. Wouldn't be surprised if they were there again.
219 00568DF6 Heard this place was full of mutations of all kinds. I dunno, might be rough. But maybe you can handle it.
220 00568DF7 My old friend Jimbo said this place was packed with various kinds of mutations. I dunno, someitmes he's full of it, but I believe him in this case.
221 00568DF8 Caution is in order. Mutations have taken up residence there. warning player about enemies at mission location (you assume the player can handle themselves, but you want them prepared)
222 Have you ever wanted to see a place packed full of assorted mutations? Well, here's your chance. Good luck.
223 00568DFA What do you get when a bunch of Mr. Gutsies get together in one place? Your future. Good luck, kid!
224 00568DFB Keep in mind, a lot of Mr. Gutsies have been seen in this area as recently as today. It's hard to predict when they'll split, so be ready for them.
225 00568DFC Some Mr. Gutsies have decided that this place is worth defending. Could be corrupt data. Hard to say, but be on guard. They're not playing around.
226 00568DFE Heads up. This place stinks of molerats even from far off. Peat, rotten eggs, cilantro. People have been complaining on radio chatter for a while.
227 00568DFF Every once in a while a small colony of molerats seems to take up residence here. I would bet they're back there again.
228 00568E00 There are a couple places where molerats really like to infest, and this is one of them. I'd expect to see them here if I were you.
229 00568E02 I heard from a trader that this place is currently occupied by some Mole Miners. Be prepared.
230 00568E03 I heard from Grahm that this place has a bunch of Mole Miners occupying it. He said they're more rowdy than usual, so take heed.
231 00568E04 This place has mole miners more often than not, really. Part of me wonders why they protect it so much. Does it have meaning to them?
232 But, anyway... best not to worry about any potential for higher thought or signs of cultural complexity, just blast them away. Safety first, kid!
233 00568E06 Heard from someone earlier that this place stinks like fish butt. That means only one thing: Mirelurks. Well, or fish butts. Two things, I guess.
234 00568E07 This place tends to get stopped up with Mirelurks a lot. I bet it's some sort of breeding ground for them. Just be on the lookout.
235 00568E08 I know for a fact that this place is crawling with Mirelurks. I know at least three traders who went there for meat and ended up getting swarmed.
236 00568E0A A hunter buddy of mine tracked a Mega Sloth to this place. Granted, it's not particularly hard to track them on account of their speed, but still.
237 00568E0B This place definitely has at least one Mega Sloth. Could be more. They're such majestic creatures, if you consider filth to be majesty—and I do.
238 00568E0C I heard on the radio chatter that there's at least one Mega Sloth there, so be warned. Though I think you'll see it before it sees you.
239 00568E0E Heard this place is attractingLiberators. I wonder why? Probably just a glitch in their data. Just don't let them swarm you.
240 00568E0F You can hear the Liberators from a fair bit away. It's probably packed with them.
241 00568E10 I've heard a few reports that the place is full of Liberators. Just be prepared for them and you'll be fine. warning player about enemies at mission location (you assume the player can handle themselves, but you want them prepared)
242 00568E12 By the way... this place is teeming with giant insects. Just swarms of them.
243 One can only hope they aren't developing language and worshipping a giant insect god, set to destroy us all someday.
244 00568E13 Oh, one more thing - it's just full of giant insects. Heard the place was buzzing with the sound of dozens of skittering legs and crackly wings.
245 00568E14 Just be aware that this place tends to attract giant insects of all kinds, so I'd expect to see them there.
246 00568E16 Just so you know, there's definitely some Honey Beasts here. Heard you can taste the honey in the air from far away.
247 00568E17 I heard that this place might be some sort of breeding or feeding ground for Honey Beasts, could be rough. Use caution.
248 00568E18 This place seems to be often occupied by Honey Beasts pretty often, so I'd honestly expect to see them around when you get there.
249 00568E1A Heard from a buddy that this place is currently host to a nest of gulpers.
250 00568E1B Ever wonder what dozens of gulpers sound like at once? You just might get your chance. This place is apparently infested.
251 00568E1C Heard this place is packed with gulpers. Never heard of those things before I got here. Kinda trying to pretend like they don't exist, to be honest.
252 00568E1E Sounds like something in this place has attracted the attention of the Grafton Monster itself. Kind of exciting, right?
253 00568E1F The message I saw said the place was occupied by the Grafton Monster.
254 00568E20 Sometimes the Grafton Monster seems to get attached to particular locations. Sounds like this place is the winner for today.
255 00568E22 I heard from some traders passing by that this place is absolutely teeming with feral ghouls.
256 00568E23 Radio chatter indicated that this place is packed with ferals right about now.
257 00568E24 Feral ghouls have been gathering at this place for a bit, it sounds like. You gotta wonder what they think about sometimes, or if they think at all.
258 00568E26 Heard that some fog crawlers started showing up there just a bit ago, then more arrived, and more, and more. Now it's packed.
259 00568E27 This place is basically a fog crawler festival right now. Who knows why, really. You know how these things are, though: fast and brutal.
260 00568E28 In a separate report, I heard this place was filled with fog crawlers recently.
261 00568E2A Couple folks let me know that a bunch of eyebots are currently patrolling this place. Probably some old data. But they seem to be protective of it.
262 00568E2B My friend Jimbo said that he saw some eyebots heading up to this place just recently. He said sometimes they do that, probably some old programming.
263 00568E2C There was a strange radio message up there recently. Just a string of numbers. When I analyzed it a bit, seemed like coordinates to this place...
264 And the coordinates were intended for eyebots in particular. Not sure who sent it or when. Could be ancient orders for all I know.
265 00568E2E Could hear the deathclaws in this place from far away. Hard to say exactly how many, but be prepared for a nest.
266 00568E2F Couple hunters got chased down by a pack of Deathclaws from this place. They barely made it out.
267 00568E30 Radio chatter is convinced that this place is currently the beginning of a major Deathclaw nest. It's dangerous now, but could be a plague later.
268 00568E32 Ever see a nest of Cave Crickets? Their long stick-like legs just skittering around, tangled with each other in a writhing pile of crusty noodles...
269 If not, well, you're in for a treat! This place is currently bursting at the seams with them.
270 00568E33 You should know that this place is packed with cave crickets. I wonder if there's one giant one in the middle, or just layers of regular ones.
271 00568E34 I heard a while ago that this place had tons of mature cave cricket eggs. You know what that means: crunchy adult cave crickets will be there by now.
272 00568E36 I heard from a couple traders that this place is packed with bloodbugs. Probably a nest. Get there before more eggs hatch.
273 00568E37 Heard from a few separate sources that this place is packed with bloodbugs.
274 00568E38 Sounds like a bunch of bloodbugs recently hatched here. They're probably starved from feeding on each other by now.
275 00568E3A Heard from old Jimbo that there are a ton of bloatflies in this place. Could be worse. Could be better.
276 00568E3B There used to be a nest of bloatflies here a while ago, but I bet you they've all hatched by now. They're probably starving, too.
277 00568E3C Bloatflies. You know I hate 'em. But right now they're your problem my friend, because they're all over the place that you need to be.
278 00568E3E Heard some radio chatter that Assaultrons are circling this location heavily. Unclear why, but they are definitely not there to welcome you.
279 00568E3F Heard from a hunter buddy of mine that a bunch of Assaultrons were at this location just attacking anything that came in range.
280 00568E40 Not sure why exactly, but there seem to be reports of Assaultrons gathering at this exact spot.
281 00568E42 A good friend of mine told me about this place, she said it's full of anglers these days. Said most scavengers have been avoiding it.
282 00568E43 This spot seems to be guarded by a pack of anglers. What's a pack of anglers though? A bulk of anglers, a catch of anglers, or... a claw of anglers?
283 Maybe just the obvious: a "run-they're-aggressive-and-going-to-shred-us" of Anglers would suffice.
284 00568E44 Radio chatter indicated that a bunch of Anglers were spotted shredding some wildlife near this location recently.
285 00568E46 I don't know what's there, exactly. Could be pretty much anything. I asked everybody I know, and nothing. Not a peep.
286 00568E47 Honestly, I don't know what's at this spot. So many conflicting reports. I have heard that it's overrun by... something though.
287 00568E48 I asked everybody. Even Jimbo and Grahm, and nobody has been here lately. All reports are old. I'd assume the worst.
288 00571FDB Sounds like there's Snally Gasters there. Hate those things.
289 00571FDC I've heard a lot of chatter lately about this. From the sounds of it, I'd guess Snally Gasters.
290 00571FDD From what I can gather, place has Snally Gasters. Don't get swallowed up.
291 005824B9 Sounds like this is a Blood Eagle meeting of some kind. Expect trouble. Warning
292 005824BA I heard there are a ton of Blood Eagles there, so... be on your toes. Warning
293 005824BB I got confirmation that there's some sort of Blood Eagle shindig happening there. Be on your guard. Warning
294 005824BD There's a ton of Mothman Cultists there, and I don't know why. No doubt some... you know. Cult business. Warning.
295 005824BE Some folks heard strange chanting coming from this place, so... I'd guess Mothman Cultists. Warning
296 005824BF Heard from a few sources that a bunch of Mothman Cultists showed up there recently. I wonder if they have... holidays? Festivals? Huh. Wondering
297 005824C1 Heard there were potentially several Wendigo here. Not sure why. Maybe it's a weird family reunion? I don't even know if that's a thing. Wondering
298 005824C2 Word is, there are multiple Wendigos there. Watch out. Seriously, though. Warning
299 005824C3 Picked up some chatter about multiple Wendigos spotted there. Be on the lookout. It sounds dangerous. Warning
300 0059FB5B I heard from some traders passing by that this place is absolutely teeming with Floaters. Freaks me out just thinking about it.
301 0059FB5C Heard there were a bunch of Floaters here. Doing what? I dunno. Do they... have a society? Is that real? Man these things weird me out.
302 0059FB5D This place is packed with Floaters. You know I hate 'em. So... watch out.
303 0059FB5F Heard a bunch of Settlers did something... odd... and now they're kinda messed up. Majorly messed up. Watch out.
304 0059FB60 Sounds like a bunch of Settlers were working each other up into a frenzy. I don't know why. Settler drama, probably... Watch out.
305 0059FB61 Radio chatter says there are people here who might be Settlers... but they are messed up. Watch out. Sounds really bizarre to me.
306 0056FB7D 0056FB89 Yeah! I knew you'd be interested. pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
307 0056FB8A Thanks for looking into this.
308 0056FB8B Great. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
309 0056FB8E Thanks for looking into this.
310 0056FB91 Yeah! I knew you'd be interested. pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
311 0056FB92 Thanks for looking into this.
312 0056FB93 Great. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
313 0056FB95 Yeah! I knew you'd be interested. pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
314 0056FB96 Thanks for looking into this.
315 0056FB97 Great. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
316 0058225B Yeah! I knew you'd be interested.
317 0058225C Thanks for looking into this.
318 0058225D Great. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
319 005A1F14 Great. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
320 0056FB7E 00568D45 I asked on the Network and they said... it could be in this Cabin because a trader heard some weird noises there lately. Worth checking. Shrug?
321 00568D46 You've got to search this Cabin. For sure. Jimbo said he noticed something weird when he was there last. One of his chem stashes is... was... there. He believes Jimbo
322 00568D47 This Cabin. That's where you need to go. I've heard nothing but bad news about this place. Nodding
323 00568D49 The Psychic told me—for free—that this campsite is what we're looking for. I don't know why it was free information though. Suddenly suspicious
324 00568D4A You gotta search this whole camp. I didn't even have to ask on the radio, they were already talking about this place. Worried for you
325 00568D4B I heard some hunters use this camp once in a while. Last time they were there, they got scared off. We know why.
326 00568D4D This old store has it all. Including what we need, right now. Hot dang that could have been a jingle! amused
327 00568D4E From what I heard on the radio chatter, we need to check inside this store. Dunno which aisle, hah! explaining a mission/favor you are asking the player to do
328 00568D4F Jimbo said this store. Aisle 3. Or... maybe in Home Goods. I think he was just making up stuff though. But let's just check the store. Amused
329 00568D51 From the radio chatter, it seems like this is located in a town. I can't really get more specific than that. Direct
330 00568D52 I heard a woman's voice repeat locations all around this town on the radio. Just a long string of addresses. I think it might be the whole town. Weirded out
331 She wouldn't stop or answer questions either. I think... I think we should just cross it off the list after a sweep. You know? Nodding
332 00568D53 The message was cutting out on the radio, so I know it's in a town anyway...
333 00568D55 I eliminated several possible locations except for the trainyard, so let's start there. Direct
334 00568D56 I asked a buddy who asked an old hunter friend, who asked a former solider she knows, who asked a farmer that just arrived from the east... Out of breath
335 And the farmer said that she heard a trader say that he saw something unusual here at this train yard. So, that's what I got. out of breath
336 00568D57 My old hunting buddy Jimbo said it's definitely in the train yard. He knows because he loves trains and he... knows these things. Shrug?
337 00568D59 I've isolated the issue down to three possible locations. If I were hiding something, I'd pick the tunnel out of these options. So let's start there.
338 00568D5A I picked up a simple encoded message. When I say simple, I mean it was literally a Bookl cipher. Adorable. It's in the tunnel, no question about it.
339 00568D5B I didn't bother with this lead for a bit, but someone just asked about it on the radio, so you should probably check it out before they do.
340 00568D5D It's in a civic building. Don't ask me how I know. I have my sources.
341 00568D5E Jimbo went to this civic building by himself one day. For his own reasons, I suppose. He said some things seemed unusual... Warning, and a clue
342 00568D5F I woke up in the middle of the night to someone repeating this location in radio chatter. Said a friend went in and didn't make it out. Warning, and a clue
343 00568D61 This old communications building seems promising... I've heard a bit about it on the radio, and I think it jives with what we're looking for. Warning, and a clue
344 00568D62 The psychic chem fiend I know said this old communications building is exactly the place to be. Seems... uh. Worth a shot. I guess. Warning, and a clue
345 00568D63 I had a list of over a dozen potential locations in this region, but it just has to be this communications operations station. Warning, and a clue
346 00568D65 This old compound just stands out like a sore thumb, doesn't it? I can't explain why though... Warning, and a clue
347 00568D66 Definitely need to check this compound. The only other possibility is really remote, so let's focus on the most likely option first. Warning, and a clue
348 00568D67 This old compound used to be used for... I dunno... military stuff? But lately it has had other purposes. And I think we should check into it. Warning, and a clue
349 00568D69 It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out where this was stashed. I mean, he just replied, "Dam!" And I figured... well... anyway. Amused, joking
350 00568D6A The coded message I got just had a bunch of jokes in it. Then I realized the jokes had a theme... and well, you're going to a dam. Amused, joking
351 00568D6B Dam... you... Amused, joking
352 No seriously. Go to this dam. Search it. And then I promise you won't hear another dam joke from me. For... a bit. Amused, joking
353 00568D6D I intercepted some radio output from the place we're looking for, and it's got machinery. Heavy machines from a factory, and I know just the one. confident
354 00568D6E Jimbo said this factory has has some weird activity lately. He said he was gonna stash some chems there, but then he thought better of it. confident
355 00568D6F It's in the factory. I can't say exactly how I know... I have to protect my sources sometimes. But trust me. Mysterious
356 00568D71 I heard through the grapevine that this farm definitely has something special there. That matches up with the radio chatter too. Direct
357 00568D72 I know a farmer who was going to take over this farm and try to fix it up, but something was just... off about it. Direct
358 00568D73 When I was a kid, I wanted to be a farmer. I wasn't in these parts back then. I always look at farms extra closely now, thinking about it... Wistful
359 Anyway, I asked a trader buddy from Crater to swing by this farm on her last trip. She said it was in no fit shape for people. Direct
360 So... along with a couple other bits of info from the radio, I think we should check there first. Direct
361 00568D75 I heard someone repeating this house's address on the radio for a while. I didn't know why... but a hunter stopped there and confirmed it. Direct
362 00568D76 It's just a house. A simple, completely and definitely not haunted house. I was advised by the not-psychic Psychic that I had to warn you. Direct, amused
363 00568D77 You need to search this house. It won't take long. If it's a bust, I got three other places in mind. Just let me know. Thinking
364 00568D79 I asked a hunter if he had checked out this lookout tower, but he said he just doesn't do heights. So let's just start there. We do heights. Right? Smirking a little
365 00568D7A I have absolutely squat in terms of good intel about this Lookout Tower. And... I've eliminated everywhere else. So I mean, it's gotta be there. Direct
366 00568D7B How do you feel about heights? I'm at least sixty percent sure that it's in this lookout tower. Direct
367 00568D7D One of my contacts sent this lead over because he doesn't do medical facilities. Says they're just creepy. And, well, he's not wrong. Direct
368 00568D7E Once I helped scavenge a medical facility on the way to Appalachia, and it was... it wasn't good. It had been used by a cult for years. Spooky story time
369 They clearly sacrificed someone in the operating room. On the table. I never saw so much blood. I was just there looking for some spare chems... Scared
370 I swore I'd never go back to one of those places alone. Anyway... so... I guess that's what I'm asking you to do now. Maybe you can bring a friend? He's sorry about it
371 00568D7F I tapped into this medical facility to just listen. Just in case. You never know, right? I heard... activity. It wasn't natural. Something is there. Spooky
372 Thing is... I am pretty sure I heard someone enter too. Maybe a scavenger. They... they didn't last long. Warning
373 00568D81 I asked for details on the radio network and got one reply, "Mine." I figured, that's fine—I respect claims. That's how we work. Setup for a joke
374 But then she clarified that we needed to search that mine. Ha. Anyway, she passed through it recently. Didn't want to detour for anything. All yours. Amusing, sort of a joke
375 00568D82 I feel so sure that there's a song about this. You need to go to this mine... and search it... and try not to lose your mind. I dunno. Trying to recall, as if there's a song.
376 I heard about this place from a couple scavengers, seems like they were using it until it got too dangerous. Direct
377 00568D83 Jimbo said this mine is always busy. Lots of stashes, that kind of thing. But... lately it's been dangerous. A different sort of busy. You get me? Direct
378 00568D85 I know it's at this park, and... you should be careful. The psychic I know said that parks are the gateway between civilization and nature. Spooky
379 But... in our world now, I think that line got blurred. Maybe there is no line at all? Maybe the parks are now a gateway for something else. Now he's just being a loon
380 Anyway... I gotta... let you check this place out. I can't really go into it but... I think it's where you need to look. Scared a little
381 00568D86 Last time I was at the park I ran into a shadowy creature with long, spindly fingers. It was reaching for me... scraping its claws on my face. Spooky
382 It sounded like a thousand coughing voices quietly cackling in just a bit below what I could hear... Spooky
383 I fell down and hit my head against a rock. When I woke up, it was morning, and in front of me there was a giant, dead tree covered in dry leaves. The story contnues
384 Was it real? I don't know. I don't. I was on chems a little, sure... but... I don't know. Scared, he thinks it was real.
385 I don't wanna ever go back to a park though, I can tell you that. But... thankfully I have you to do that instead. Right? Thanks!
386 00568D87 Did I tell you about that time I went to the park? I just... I need you to search this place and see. It might be it. A little scared
387 00568D89 Someone on the radio network seemed to know exactly where we need to go. Said it was this power substation. And she didn't answer my questions... Direct
388 00568D8A From the radio chatter about this, I am moderately certain this power substation could be it. Direct
389 00568D8B Got confirmation from my buddy Jimbo that we should check this power substation for it. Don't ask me how Jimbo knows this stuff. Good old Jimbo
390 00568D8D I heard in the old days that people would go to research facilities like this and summon spirits that would inhabit their bodies and... wait. Wait. Suddenly confused.
391 I think I got that confused with the other place. The... drive-in? I think. Okay. I don't know what they researched here. Admitting a goof
392 But... regardless. I think this is where you need to go. The uh. Research facility. Not the other thing. Confused
393 00568D8E According to the Network, you need to start at this research facility. Direct
394 00568D8F As much as I loathe to send you to a research facility, I think that's where you gotta start.
395 00568D91 So, I asked my old buddy Jimbo, and he said to check out this resort. With the information I already picked up, it just seemed like the perfect spot. Why not?
396 00568D92 I don't really get the concept of a resort. You know? People back in the old days would just... go there and lie down or something? Why? He was born after the war
397 I heard they would just drink and then sleep and not think of things. How weird is that? Why couldn't they do that where they lived? I do that here. Confused
398 Anyway... go there, see if it's the right spot. I think it is. Maybe lie down? See if it makes you feel better? Not sure how resorts work
399 00568D93 Someone on the radio told me that we should start here. No context. Should we trust it? Probably not. But... heck. We're not push-overs. Pretending to be strong
400 00568D95 I heard that back in the old days, people would leave babies here until they knew everything and then they'd pick them up as adults. He says this like he knows
401 It's very practical when you think about it, but definitely not the raider style. We always did on-the-job training. You know? Remembering
402 But here's the deal. You wanna search this place. Thoroughly. But don't stay there forever, you know? Don't like... learn stuff. Confident
403 00568D96 There's a school that matches the description of the location in the code, and I think that's our best bet. Direct
404 00568D97 I heard back in the old days you could either go to school or buy a house, but not both. But did you get to keep the whole school? Wonders
405 In any case, Jimbo said we should definitely check this place out first. See what we can find. Direct
406 00568D99 I distinctly heard humming on the radio, and it reminded me of an old restaurant's jingle. So I think that's where you should go.
407 00568D9A I was able to pull in a few favors on this one to narrow down the location, and I can tell you for sure that it's at this restaurant.
408 00568D9B I have been slowly eliminating locations where this could be located for quite a while. Seems like the only thing that's left is this restaurant.
409 00568D9D This was a hard one to pinpoint. I was able to eliminate a bunch of nearby locales... so I think it's going to be in the wilderness.
410 00568D9E According to the radio chatter, this is just somewhere in the wilderness basically. But I have narrowed it down a bit for you at least.
411 00568D9F I dug into this one quite a lot, and I've narrowed it down to a small tract of land in the wilderness.
412 00568DA1 Someone said they fell asleep in this cave and... well... they nearly died. I think it's exactly where you need to go. Er. That sounded bad. Awkard
413 00568DA2 You have to investigate this cave. Of course, I promised I would pass it along that if you did, in fact, go there that you would meet with your doom. Mockingly repeats what he was told to say.
414 That's from the psychic, who isn't actually psychic. He just takes a ton of chems and likes to jump off tall objects. *sighs* Shaking his head
415 00568DA3 Someone ran back to Crater recently saying that this Cave was nothing but trouble. So, that seems like exactly where you should be going. Warning, and a clue
416 0056FB9B I'll show you on your map, but beyond that, I have no idea. sincere, trying to be helpful, but you really don't know much
417 0056FBBE I think I can tell you how to get there... but otherwise, you're on your own. sincere, trying to be helpful, but you really don't know much
418 0056FBBF Sometimes even I come up a little short. I can give you the coordinates, but that's about as helpful as I can be. sincere, trying to be helpful, but you really don't know much
419 00571FD7 00571FE3 I know one of those crazed Appalachian cults is behind this. I just know it. He doesn't really know it.
420 00571FE4 There's gotta be more to it, but everybody's staying silent. You can't trust anything. Worried
421 00571FE5 When I asked for more info, someone started chanting on the radio. Made my ears bleed. I couldn't shake it out of my mind for hours. Scared
422 00571FE7 Network is saying there's at least one known Angler there. Possibly entranced by some sort of cult nonsense. Or maybe not
423 00571FE8 There's a rumor that the Mothman kept an Angler as a pet. Got it real mean, then released it. That Angler is here, now. Story
424 00571FE9 Heard there's an Angler here, but not just any Angler. This one was used in a Blood Eagle ceremony. Probably a mean one, probably enraged. Scared, a bit
425 00571FEB Network is saying that some Settler hacked an Assaultron and tripped its mega-assault subroutines. Now it's gone haywire. Concerned
426 00571FEC I heard there's an Assaultron there, and it's possessed. I heard this from a reputable source—sure, it involved chems. Why not? Warning
427 00571FED Picked up a cryptid message on the network, couldn't make out much. Something about an Assaultron. Warning
428 00571FEF Every so often, a gnarly Bloatfly with a particularly mean streak hatches. If it isn't killed quickly, it breeds. That's what I heard. Warning, kill it
429 00571FF0 Network said a farmer saw this Bloatfly fly out of her Brahmin's mouth, and the Brahmin collapsed like an old puppet. Weird.
430 00571FF1 I heard this Bloatfly can talk, but it only talks to you when you're on a mixture of chems. Make sure it doesn't breed, we don't need more! Warning, kill it
431 00571FF3 I heard Bloodbugs are controlled by a cult that just wants to use our blood for rituals. This specific Bloodbug came from a cultist hideout recently. Warning, kill it
432 00571FF4 Did you know Bloodbugs are now working with the Blood Eagles? Network said so. This one Bloodbug was seen following a gang of them like a pet. Warning, kill it
433 00571FF5 Got a lead on a Bloodbug that took a bite out of everybody in a whole family, then they all died in a day. You have to get rid of it. Warning, kill it
434 00571FF7 Get this. Radio is saying this Cave Cricket was used by a Cult and is now cursed. That makes it a cursed Cultish Cave Cricket. Tongue twister
435 00571FF8 Heard there was a Cave Cricket that cannibalized a creche of eggs. That's right. A cannibalistic creche-killing Cave Cricket. Kill it. Tongue twister
436 00571FF9 At the center of this place there's a Cave Cricket, and the network thinks it's controlled by something else. That it's a conduit. Maybe it is. Unsure
437 00571FFB Network has been tracking this beast for a while. This Deathclaw is wildly aggressive and... remembers. Waits. It needs to be destroyed. Warning, kill this thing.
438 00571FFC I heard a chem junkie say she could see in this Deathclaw's mind while in a dream, and then it showed up for her the next day. Fiction? Maybe. Warning, kill this thing.
439 00571FFD Network wants this Deathclaw dead. Apparently it attacked Chally the Moo-Moo when Grahm was a ways off. Got a good bite in, too. Angry, everybody loves Chally (said like Charlie but without the R)
440 00571FFF I don't know if it's true, but someone on the radio network is convinced that this Eyebot at this location is used by the Mothman. Just destroy it? Warning, kill this thing. May as well.
441 00572000 There were some mysterious murders lately, and this one Eyebot was noticed nearby for all of them. Let's just destroy it, okay? For safety. Warning, kill this thing. May as well.
442 00572001 Heard this Eyebot was present at a few cult gatherings. Not sure why. Destroy it so they can't use it anymore, okay? Warning, kill this thing. May as well.
443 00572003 The Network sent someone out looking for an ancient Fog Crawler and they never returned. But we think we know where the Fog Crawler is. Warning, kill this thing.
444 00572004 Some chem junkie claimed this Fog Crawler terrorized him in his dreams. Can you just take care of it, just in case? The Fog Crawler, not the junkie. Warning, kill this thing.
445 00572005 Everybody on the network knows that this Fog Crawler is rabid. Or... some equivalent. It's gone mad. Feral. Just put it down, okay? Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
446 00572007 Someone on this Network requested that this Feral Ghoul in particular gets put down. I think... they knew who it was, once. Maybe. Be kind. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
447 00572008 Folks on the radio have reported seeing this Feral Ghoul acting odd. Maybe... leading some others? Can't be true. Let's just stop it for good. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
448 00572009 This Feral Ghoul was released by one of the local Cults. Released. Why would they do that? Find it, kill it before... it does their bidding. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
449 0057200B I deciphered a strange cryptogram that leads me to think that there a Grafton Monster at this spot. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
450 0057200C One of the chem junkies that gets on the network sometimes is insisting that there's a Grafton Monster here. I don't know if I believe him. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
451 0057200D Apparently there's a Grafton Monster there that was being toyed with by the Blood Eagles. Put it out of its misery, will you? Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
452 0057200F I deciphered a cryptogram left in my pocket somehow, indicated that there was a Gulper at this place. Did you... put that in my pocket? No? Ok. Uh.. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
453 00572010 Several eyewitnesses confirmed that there's a Gulper here, but at least some of them are chem junkies so. I dunno. Take it or leave it. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
454 00572011 The cult nearby released this Gulper after a bunch of chanting was overheard. Dunno what it means, but that Gulper needs to die. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
455 00572013 Received a coded message on the radio that seems to identify this particular Honey Beast as blessed by the cult. You know what that means. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
456 00572014 Heard some science minded folks tracked down a cloud of pheromones to this one Honey Beast. Could be disrupting the whole area. So... kill it? Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
457 00572015 The network is convinced that this Honey Beast is actually from somewhere else and is going to corrupt our local Honey Beasts. May as well kill it. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
458 00572017 I know two things: it's a giant friggin' Insect, and... someone on the radio network is convinced it has been stalking him. So... kill it? Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
459 00572018 I wasn't able to fully decipher this cryptogram. I know it's a Giant Insect, but I don't know what its problem is. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
460 00572019 It's definitely a Giant Insect. I heard it was gathering a storm of other insects, but... how threatening is it? I can't say for sure. Warning, concerned. this could be a hard kill.
461 0057201B This Liberator has been sending me corrupt cryptograms repeatedly. I've traced it down to this individual. Destroy it. I don't need any more of this. Warning, concerned. This has been so annoying.
462 0057201C This Liberator in particular has been trying to access our network repeatedly. Find it. Destroy it. Warning, concerned. This has been so annoying.
463 0057201D I thought I was tapping into the radio network a bit ago, but I was talking directly to this... this Liberator! You have to shut it down! Warning, concerned. This has been so annoying.
464 0057201F I asked on the radio if anyone had been nearby lately, and someone said she saw a Megasloth there and left. So, I know there's that. Friendly warning
465 00572020 A hunter popped on the radio channels asking for help with a Megasloth there, but I haven't heard anything since. Warning
466 00572021 Turns out Megasloths are easy to track. Makes sense, right? Well, according to the radio chatter, one is there. Warning
467 00572023 A trader got onto the radio specifically to tell us all that he thinks trapped a giant Mirelurk there. So... that's that. Warning
468 00572024 There's a Mirelurk there. Might be a King or Queen... not sure exactly. The radio report was mostly screaming. Warning
469 00572025 A hunter reported smelling a Mirelurk there, so it sounds like there's at least one big Mirelurk there, but could be more. Warning
470 00572027 Radio chatter says there's one angry Mole Miner there. Usually when one shows up, others follow fast. Warning, he's seen this before
471 00572028 Nobody knew anything about this place at all. Asked everybody—nothing. Except... the psychic. He said: "Mole Miner" - that's it. Warning
472 But honestly? Last time he told me "Sugar Bombs." I still don't know how that fits in. So take it or leave it. Warning
473 00572029 I don't know what's there now, but I know that a while ago there was just one angry, mean Mole Miner. Everyone avoided it. Could still be there. Warning
474 0057202B Radio chatter is clear: there is a giant, aggressive Mole Rat here. They all said to avoid it, it's probably rutting. Warning
475 0057202C According to the last hunter I talked to from Crater, there's a hyper aggressive Mole Rat here. You know what to expect... Warning
476 That musty stinky smell. And a hyper aggressive Mole Rat, too. Joking, sorta.
477 0057202D Heard a bunch of chem addicts from Crater went up there to hide for a bit, roll around in the hay, you know. They ran afoul with a giant Mole Rat! Warning
478 0057202F Some trader mentioned she heard the buzzing from a Mr. Gutsy at this place recently. She said it sounded maniacal. Warning
479 00572030 Heard a scavenger from Crater went in there looking for a famed Mr. Gutsy made of gold. I don't think that exists. Well, a regular Mr. Gutsy, sure. Warning
480 00572031 There's a Mr. Gutsy there. For sure. You know how I know? The damn thing got on the radio channels, issuing threats. I admire its moxie in a way... Warning, amused
481 00572033 Not even sure what you'll find here. The psychic wasn't even that... precise. Some sort of Mutation, that's all he could pull from it. Warning
482 00572034 Radio chatter went silent when I asked. Last time that happened, it was a gnarly, aggressive Mutation of some kind. Warnings
483 00572035 This place is well known for its Mutation problem. Usually one shows up and does... whatever... and others follow suit. Warning
484 00572037 There's a scavenger on the radio sometimes, older fellow. He said some Protectron lost him here once. He was hoping to pull some scrap from it. Warning
485 Sounded like it was running some sort of defensive algorithm. I'd watch out if you go in after it. Warning
486 00572038 Heard someone in Crater was tinkering around with a Protectron, flipped some switches, and the thing went haywire. Somehow ended up at this spot. Warning
487 00572039 I know this trader who reprogrammed a Protectron to carry her supplies, but somehow when they got close to this location, something strange happened. Warning
488 Maybe some old algorithm kicked in? I don't know, but it attacked her, and she barely made it back to Crater. I think it's still there, though. Warning
489 0057203B Heard a trader stopped here to eat her lunch and watched as a Rad Ant came out of no where. She barely returned to Crater alive. Warning
490 0057203C Radio chatter indicated that a lone Rad Ant was noticed here, huge and bloated. Might have been carrying eggs. Who knows if it's still alone. Warning
491 0057203D I don't usually hear from Settlers, but one of them saw a herd of Brahmin head this way. But they got wrecked by a single, angry Rad Ant. Warning
492 Who knows if it's still alone. The Settler was good enough or dumb enough to warn everybody on the radio though, at least. I guess. Doesn't like settlers
493 0057203F I hate the sound of Radroaches. You know what I mean? The crinkly thin wings. The snapping carapaces. No thanks. Grossed out
494 The guy on the radio said there was at least one. But you know how this goes! There's probably more by now. Ugh. Grossed out
495 00572040 It's a Radroach. The trader tried to claim there's just one there, but I certainly don't believe it. Grossed out
496 00572041 I heard the Mothman Cultists grow a Radroach somewhere until it's bursting with eggs, then they sacrifice it under a full moon. Lying
497 I don't know if that's true, but if it is, I bet the giant Radroach that my friend Jimbo saw here is being raised for that purpose. Grossed out
498 00572043 I heard some Raider jerk who broke off from Crater—not me, some other Raider jerk—decided to hole up at this place and cause problems. Amused, they're both Raiders
499 00572044 Heard from a friend back in Crater that one of their own killed someone and took off. And now that ex-Raider is trying to form a new gang. Emphasis on ex
500 00572045 Crater expelled this Raider scumbag for hurting other Diehards. That's not how we do things. Apparently they took up residence at this place. The speaker is a Raider so they have venom for this person
501 00572047 Radio chatter claims there's a Radrat nest here. Who knows how many Radrats could be here now though. Warning
502 00572048 Apparently a trader carrying some cheese barely escaped with his life as he went by this place. Was almost shredded by a massive Radrat. Warning
503 00572049 I got a cryptic message about this place. I couldn't decipher it all. I know there's at least a big angry Radrat here. Could be more. Warning
504 0057204B My old friend Jimbo said he saw one lonely Robobrain head into this place while he was on his way to Crater. Could be hostile by now. Warning
505 0057204C Heard static on the radio comm for a while, then... a voice. A Robobrain warned us all not to go to this location. Said it was claimed. Warning
506 I think there's more to it, though. I think it's guarding something for somebody. Something valuable. That's my guess. It might be something good.
507 0057204D Radio chatter says there's a Robobrain at this place and it seems to be acting rather suspicious. Even for a robobrain. Warning
508 0057204F I deciphered a message and... all I can say is, there's a robot there. At least one. I really can't figure out more info though. Warning
509 00572050 Radio chatter said there was definite Robot activity here, maybe more than one unit. Could be military. Hard to say. Warning
510 00572051 My old friend Jimbo swore he saw one Robot show up at this place and disappear. Could be hiding. Could be more there by now, too. Warning
511 00572053 Someone watched Scorchbeasts fighting there. One survived and is now nesting, we think. Warning
512 00572054 Jimbo went down to Whitespring for a classy date, and on his way back up he saw a Scorchbeast just shredding some poor Settlers at this spot. Warning
513 00572055 Radio chatter indicated that Cultists had a ritual here, but a Scorchbeast arrived instead of their summon. Anyway... the Scorchbeast remains. Warning
514 00572057 It isn't unusual for Scorched to be here, but Jimbo said there was one... one mean Scorched... who was shredding other Scorched. Weird, huh? Warning
515 00572058 Heard there was a Scorched family here once. All of them were killed except one. I don't know if more arrived since. Warning
516 00572059 Radio chatter indicated that one strange weird Scorched walked here from just outside of Crater. Isn't clear why, exactly... Warning
517 0057205B Jimbo said he tracked a mean old Radscorpion down to around these parts. I bet you it's in there. Warning
518 0057205C Grahm told me that he saw a Radscorpion head over to this place a bit ago. I bet it's still there. Warning indirectly from Grahm
519 0057205D Picked up a conversation over the radio between a Radscorpion hunter and a farmer. Farmer said one chased her to this place recently. Warning
520 Hunter was going to go set out some traps, but then disappeared. Maybe she got there, or maybe... she didn't. Warning
521 0057205F Intercepted a code that was supposed to be sent to a Sentry Bot. Instructed it to go to this location. Not sure if it received the message. Warning
522 00572060 I know this scavenger in Crater who loves Sentry Bots the most. Said she tracked one down to this spot, but then she lost it. Could be hiding there? Warning
523 00572061 Jimbo said he saw some Sentry Bot tracks around this place. Probably just one, but could be more. He said it was hard to tell. Warning
524 00572063 I know this Hunter who used to live in Beckley before the war, then left and came back recently. Exclusively tracks Cryptids now. Warning
525 Said this place has one for sure. Said he has a hunch it's a Sheepsquatch. I trust him. Warning
526 00572064 I was listening to people chat on the radio and heard a Sheepsquatch howl. Asked where that was from and somebody said this spot, then went silent. Warning
527 00572065 Jimbo said a Sheepsquatch was sheepsquatting here. His words, not mine. Warning, humorous
528 00572067 I picked up a cryptic message. Someone is tracking this Snallygaster, and they tracked it here. Who knows if they survived... Warning
529 00572068 Heard from the radio chatter that a Snallygaster is nesting here. Or whatever they do. It's there. Could be more by now. Warning
530 00572069 Someone in Foundation tried to keep a pet Snallygaster. Can you believe it? Anyway, they're dead. The Snallygaster ran away and is at this place Warning, laughing, he hates settlers
531 0057206B There's a Stingwing Lord here. A vicious, cruel Stingwing that dominates the others under its will. Destined to rule them all. Destined to fall. Dramatic
532 What did you think? Was it mysterious enough? I was thinking about starting a radio show about all the things we do. Excited, eager
533 Oh but... uh. There's a Stingwing there. Yeah. That part was real. Bashful
534 0057206C A trader saw Stingwing poo around this place, so could be one there. I asked on the radio what Stingwing poo looked like. They said "Gesundheit!" friendly, sincere, sharing the intel you have with the player so they are informed about the favor/mission you are sending them on
535 0057206D Where there's one Stingwing, there's many. Or just one. Honestly it isn't really a strong indicator of population. But anyway. There's one here. Jokingly
536 0057206F Someone on the radio said they heard Super Mutant songs coming from this place. So I'd expect at least one to be there. Warning
537 00572070 Heard there was a Super Mutant uh... shindig... here. Do you think that's what they're called? They killed some animals and burned something. Warning
538 I wonder if they were celebrating something.... like a Super Mutant birthday maybe? Anyway, some might have left. I dunno. But some remain. Warning
539 00572071 Apparently there's one angry Super Mutant at this place, shouting at anybody who passed. Didn't shoot, just yelled. Warning
540 Someone reported it on the radio, said the Super Mutant was angry about squishies. That's all. Anyway, could be more now. Warning
541 00572073 Radio chatter indicates that there's something odd here. Something... unusual. Something that smells like peat. Maybe a swamp... creature? Warning
542 00572074 Cryptid hunter I know said she tracked down something wild to this spot. She wasn't sure what it was. Said it was... filthy. Smelled like the swamp. Warning
543 00572075 There's a Cryptid Hunter who reports regularly on the radio. Sounded like she was pretty sure she trapped something here... not sure what. Warning
544 00572077 I hate Ticks. There's one at this location. I don't want to get into the details. I just... I just wanted to let you know. Warning
545 00572078 Jimbo said he trapped a big ole' Mama Tick here at this place. Could have laid a bunch of eggs by now. Eeeegh. I don't want to think about it. Grossed out
546 00572079 If you could go kill every single Tick in the world, that would be great, thanks. You can start with the one at this place, okay? Warning
547 0057207B Jimbo said one time he killed a RadToad then climbed inside its carcass. Why would he tell me this? Anyway, there's one here. Do... what you will.