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I grew up with random gangs for most of my life. Here and there. You know, same old sob story that most of us have. But mostly up north.

The raider punk is a Crater Raider at the Crater Core and potential C.A.M.P. ally. He may also be recruited in random encounters, once the player has gained access to the Crater Core by following the Raiders questline.


The raider punk is an amateur radio operator, cryptid enthusiast, and cryptologist. He is part of the Network, an amateur radio network, or "ham net," dedicated to cryptid hunting, and he claims to have contacts all over Appalachia.[1][2] He prefers not to use his real name, instead using his network call sign, "Punk."[3]

Similar to other raiders, the raider punk was raised in random gangs, primarily to the north of Appalachia.[4] In the last gang prior to the Raider group found in Crater, the raider punk met Jimbo, a fellow cryptid enthusiast.[5] After traveling to Appalachia with the Raiders in 2103, the raider punk claims to have had a close encounter with a mothman in the wilderness, peaking his interest in the cryptids.[6]

The raider punk joined the cryptid radio network after being invited by Jimbo, who left Crater sometime before the raider punk.[7] The raider punk's primary function with the network is as a cryptologist, encrypting and deciphering encoded messages and transmissions.[8][9] Despite having tried hunting cryptids in the field like other members, the raider punk prefers to stay back and decipher messages.[10]

Although he claims to be a raider, the raider punk admits to not fitting in with Crater's rough residents and frequently shows empathy toward those in need, especially fellow cryptid hunters.[11][12][13] He knows and communicates with Grahm, going so far as to want to teach him how to use a ham radio to act as the co-host of a radio show.[14][15]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed.
FO76 ui extra team
This character is a C.A.M.P. ally. Their associated workshop object is Raider punk radio.
Icon quest starter
This character starts quests.
FO76 ui roleplay team
This character is involved in random encounters.

Raider punk (camp)

Other interactions[]

  • Upon encountering the raider punk in the underground area of the Core, one can tell him that they believe he can receive secret messages on his radio. This will result in him giving the player character the Ally plans for the raider punk radio. Building this at a C.A.M.P will result in the raider punk residing at the camp as an ally, offering generic radiant quests while he stays there until replaced by another ally such as Beckett or Sofia Daguerre.
  • He can be found randomly in Appalachia, including at locations such as along State Route 90. If attempting to recruit him before one has gained access to the Crater Core, he will call the player a "weirdo" and tell them to "get lost."[16]



It is never explicitly confirmed in dialogue whether the raider punk and Jimbo were romantically involved. However, the raider punk does say that he and Jimbo are no longer "together" and that he will be there waiting for Jimbo to get off of the hard chems. The script notes for this dialogue say that "He loves Jimbo but he knows Jimbo is a bit too unstable for him."[5]

Notable quotes[]


The raider punk appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes[]

The cut beggar ally is the prototype version of the raider punk. For example, the beggar would also mention a friend named Jimbo, and much of the beggar's and raider punk's lines are exactly the same. Like the raider punk, the beggar would have sent the player character on radiant quests to kill monsters.



  1. Raider punk: "Look. I got this dream, it eats me up inside. I've been traveling with this crowd for a while, and well... I need to get away. You feel me? They're well, don't get me wrong. I still wanna stop by and hang out with them, see the sights, but I need quiet, calm... I need to hear the world. I got a radio, I know some people. Got a buddy here in Crater, a hunter pal out in Foundation, know some people all over. I know people, man."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  2. Raider punk: "But first... let me explain what I can do for you, since I'm staying here and all. I'm going to let you in on the real Appalachia, my friend. You lucked out because... I'm part of a secret network that monitors unusual things and we track them down. And I'm going to slide some of that information your way."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  3. A Vault Dweller: "So... what's your name?"
    Raider punk: "Most of us don't use our real names once we join the network... my codename is Punk. That's good enough for me."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  4. A Vault Dweller: "Where are you from? Originally..."
    Raider punk: "I grew up with random gangs for most of my life. Here and there. You know, same old sob story that most of us have. But mostly up north."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  5. 5.0 5.1 A Vault Dweller: "What's up with Jimbo?"
    Raider punk: "Jimbo? Well... we met in the last gang before Crater. He's into the hard chems way more than me... it's the only reason we aren't together now. One day he'll get bored of them though. I hope anyway... and I'll be here for him when he does."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  6. A Vault Dweller: "Got any weird tales from Appalachia?"
    Raider punk: "Uh. Yes! Of course. Who doesn't? When I first got to Appalachia with the other raiders, I built a tent in the woods and stared out into the trees trying to fall asleep. I kept staring at some berries thinking... I should make a pie tomorrow. Mmm! Then those "berries" blinked. They blinked! I saw the Mothman on my very first night! Oh it still gives me flutters just thinking about it."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  7. A Vault Dweller: "How did you join the network?"
    Raider punk: "My buddy Jimbo pulled me into it. He was with the gang at Crater for a while and left a bit before me. Wanted to do things his own way."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  8. A Vault Dweller: "What do you do for the network?"
    Raider punk: "I decipher codes mostly. I'm not what you'd call a field agent. That's more your style. It's kinda why I didn't fit in at Crater, I guess."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  9. A Vault Dweller: "Why are there so many encrypted messages?"
    Raider punk: "Well, the network mostly communicates on the radio but sometimes you have to send written messages, right? That's where I come in. I love puzzles!"
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  10. A Vault Dweller: "Do you hunt cryptids yourself?"
    Raider punk: "Me? Hell no. I mean, I tried it out a few times but... no. I am much happier decrypting messages for the network and relaying intel. It's soothing."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  11. Raider punk: "Picked up the voice of someone on the radio. I think they need help. I've got some information but... not a ton."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  12. Raider punk: "The network has been looking for this wretch for a while. And voila. You don't even want to know the twisted crap that happened. Just... finish it."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  13. Raider punk: "Found out about someone who has been killing cryptid hunters. Regularly. A cryptid hunter hunter. I need you to end this madness."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  14. A Vault Dweller: "Is there anything dangerous nearby that I should know about?"
    Raider punk: "I heard from Grahm that this place has a bunch of Mole Miners occupying it. He said they're more rowdy than usual, so take heed."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  15. Raider punk: "I gotta teach Grahm to use the radio someday. We could start a show."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)
  16. Raider punk: "Because... because... I don't know you? Get lost, weirdo."
    (Raider punk's dialogue)