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For an overview of power armor in the Fallout series of games, see power armor.

Raider power armor is a variant of power armor in Fallout 4. It is used by some raider leaders and high-level raiders. Raider power armor has the worst statistics of any type of power armor and has few upgrade options.


A full set of raider power armor provides 500 points of Damage Resistance and 250 points of Energy Resistance. It can be cheaply upgraded to Raider II armor to increase the DR to 620 points. In comparison with the first two versions of T-45 armor, raider power armor has the same damage resistance but worse energy resistance.

Raider power armor can be repaired with steel. This armor does not spawn by level, and can only be found by location.

The armor appears to be just scrap metal over the limbs of the power armor frame, most notably in the legs as they don't appear to be from any specific suit. The torso appears to be from a T-45 chest piece evident by the distinguishable shape, it has heavy reinforcement with simple scrap metal. The arms and shoulders may be from a heavily damaged T-51 as the shoulders resemble the shoulder pieces of a T-51. The helmet is not from any suit and appears to be homemade. The helmet does show some professional attachments such as what appears to be a transceiver on the back, reinforcement on the face plate protecting the wearer's eyes, a respirator on the front of the helmet and a security flashlight on the side of the helmet.

Armor partsEdit

Model Name DR HP Weight Value Repair Upgrade components Base ID
Icon shield silver Icon electrical Icon radiation
Raider Raider power helm 100 50 150 50 14.0 50 Steel x3 N/A 00140c54
Raider power chest piece 200 100 300 100 22.0 100 Steel x5 N/A 00140c57
Raider power left arm 50 25 150 50 16.0 75 Steel x3 N/A 00140c52
Raider power right arm 50 25 150 50 16.0 75 Steel x3 N/A 00140c53
Raider power left leg 50 25 150 50 17.0 75 Steel x3 N/A 00140c55
Raider power right leg 50 25 150 50 17.0 75 Steel x3 N/A 00140c56
Total 500 250 1050 350 102.0 450 Steel x20 N/A
Raider II Power helm 120 50 150 100 15.3 55 Steel x3 Aluminum x3
Power chest piece 220 100 300 200 24.2 110 Steel x5 Aluminum x6
Power left arm 70 25 150 100 17.6 82 Steel x3 Aluminum x3
Power right arm 70 25 150 100 17.6 82 Steel x3 Aluminum x3
Power left leg 70 25 150 100 18.7 82 Steel x3 Aluminum x4
Power right leg 70 25 150 100 18.7 82 Steel x3 Aluminum x4
Total 620 250 1050 700 112.1 493 Steel x20 Aluminum x23

Misc armor modsEdit

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  • One location is in the town of Lexington. A raider spawns on a roof once a day, across from the Corvega Plant. The raider, however, is equipped with a Fat Man and guarded by turrets. They are on a bridge between two buildings overlooking the town square. There is also another raider with a pipe rifle that spawns at the same time atop the building surrounding the pool. To get up there, use the fire escape next to the basketball court. At high levels, these raiders may sometimes be fighting a Behemoth.
  • There is also a full set of armor in a location called Cave, which is northwest of the Skylanes Flight 1665 plane crash. The suit is in the middle of the cave next to the body of a dead raider.
  • On a raider named Boomer in Outpost Zimonja.
  • At the Wreck of the USS Riptide there is a raider with a set of armor.
  • At the Roadside Pines motel in a corner.
  • An incomplete set on a raider at Federal ration stockpile just outside 'Red's door.
  • A raider can be found wearing a full set on the top floor of the Massachusetts State House, guarded by turrets and multiple raiders.
  • On a raider named Cutty inside the Poseidon Energy plant.
  • Tessa has a unique raider power armor right arm named Tessa's Fist.
  • On a leveled raider at Dunwich Borers.
  • In an unmarked cave in the Glowing Sea.
  • On the roof of the Captain's Cabin at Libertalia there is a Raider Veteran with a set of armor.
  • In Saugus Ironworks Blast Furnace on Slag that has both Raider and/or T-45 power armor pieces.
  • In Bunker Hill when under attack and fast travel there a dead raider will be wearing a full suit which can be looted.
  • Various parts can be bought from Rowdy at Atom Cats garage.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH At MS Azalea being worn by Bilge.
  • Worn by numerous raiders in Brotherhood of Steel checkpoint defense missions if the Sole Survivor aligns with the Brotherhood and completes their main quest line. At higher levels these power armor-clad raiders may spawn more frequently. Additionally, multiple power armored raiders may be present.
  • Gametitle-FO4 NW At least one of Sinner's raiders will be wearing raider power armor (up to 2 can spawn with power armor)


  • This armor is great for low level players as it provides them with power armor protection with moderate defense that is very easy to repair.
  • Even at higher levels, the low cost to repair the parts makes it suitable for companion use. Steel is the only component needed to repair the parts, unlike other models where the torso needs at least circuitry.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone When killing a raider wearing raider power armor, the power armor's fusion core does not drop, regardless of the fact that it is visible on the back of the raider. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Using the suit at Roadside Pines motel is considered theft, as is stealing the suit from the Gunner commander in Quincy. [verified]


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