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The raider leathers is a raider underarmor in Fallout 76.


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Cloth (5)
Leather (15)
Steel (1)
Raider leathers (1)


Mod DR Damage resistance ER Energy RR Radiation Effect Description Weight Req. Rank Req. Resources Value Base ID
Standard lining 0 0 0 Standard. 1.1 None Ballistic fiber x2
Cork x5
22 ????????
Treated lining 4 2 0 Perception +1, Agility +1 Improves Perception and Agility. 1.2 None Ballistic fiber x4
Cork x9
26 ????????
Resistant lining 6 3 0 Perception +1, Agility +2 Improves Perception and Agility. 1.3 None Ballistic fiber x7
Cork x14
30 ????????
Protective lining 8 4 0 Perception +2, Agility +2 Improves Perception and Agility. ? None Ballistic fiber x9
Pure fluorescent flux x2
Cork x19
? ????????
Shielded lining 10 5 0 Perception +3, Agility +3, Luck +1 Improves Perception, Agility and Luck. ? None Ballistic fiber x11
Pure fluorescent flux x4
Cork x24
? ????????


  • Plan: Raider Leathers
  • Plan: Treated lining raider underarmor
  • Plan: Protective lining raider underarmor
  • Plan: Resistant lining raider underarmor
  • Plan: Shielded lining raider underarmor


  • Can be crafted, once the appropriate plans have been found or purchased from the Vendor bot Raider.

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