The raider farmhouse is an unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland.


This raider hideout is in the far northern reaches of the map. It is due north of Greener Pastures disposal site, and to the west of Old Olney. The nearest location is Vault 92, and the farmhouse is a short walk west of the vault entrance.

There is a two-story barn in the middle of the farm. Opposite its entrance is a broken silo with human body parts in it. Off to the side is the skeleton of the silo.


Despite the small size of this farmhouse, it is home to quite a few raiders. Patrolling outside the farmhouse are three or four raiders (one could have wandered inside), most of which are armed with melee weapons and possibly grenades. Inside the farmhouse itself, on the upper level near a large window facing north is another raider, who is often armed with a ranged weapon (such as a 10mm pistol, a .32 hunting rifle, or in rare cases, a sniper rifle). In addition, there is another raider who spends most of their time sleeping on a bed inside the fallen shell of the grain silo, but if not, they will also be patrolling the grounds. In addition, you may encounter 1-2 giant radscorpions either along the fringes of the camp or attacking the raiders.

Notable lootEdit


The raider farmhouse appears only in Fallout 3.


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