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The raider canal is a raider camp located in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


The raider canal is located southeast of Farragut West Metro station and down the staircase on a dock. Three raiders are encamped on the eastern bank. They keep a stash of meds and ammunition on the lower causeway. When arriving at the raider canal, the raiders may be in the midst of a pitched battle with two level-dependent super mutants on the other side of the riverbank.

At least one of the mutants will be armed with a heavy weapon, such as a missile launcher or a minigun. If the Broken Steel add-on is installed, a super mutant overlord may appear.


  • The super mutants may not be present upon the one's initial approach of the area. Approaching the raiders' stash to loot it will invariably spawn the super mutants on the opposite bank if they have not yet appeared and will create an ambush situation.
  • Both the raiders and the super mutants respawn every 72 hours. This creates a constant skirmish between the two groups and can make the area a dangerous spot to pass through.
  • On the east bank, proceeding south along the wall near the metro station will cause a 'Type B' random encounter to spawn on the road ramp.


The raider canal appears only in Fallout 3.