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Raider Radio (called Nuka-World Radio in the Pip-Boy menu) is a radio station in Nuka-World in 2287. Unlike other radio stations, Raider Radio does not play any pre-recorded songs, but instead relies on its host, RedEye, to play acoustic songs on his guitar.


The name of the station in the Pip-Boy menu may be indicative of its pre-war origin as the Nuka-World's own radio station. Somewhere in 2286, after the capture of Nuka-Town USA by Colter's raiders, RedEye was assigned as the operator and DJ of the station, broadcasting news and improvised music to the raider gangs.


All of the songs the station plays are produced and performed by RedEye himself on his poorly tuned guitar.


  • "Hey, asshole! You're listening to Raider Radio."
  • "It's Redeye here, running Raider Radio. You love it, and you know it!"
  • "You're all a bunch of psychopaths, and I love you for it. This is Raider Radio, and it's for you."
  • "Hey, this is your man Redeye, running Raider Radio. Don't like the name? I don't give a shit!"
  • "Listen up, all you junkies, low-lives, and all-around assholes! We've got a reason to celebrate!"
  • "Hey, anybody listening? Got some good news for you!"
  • "Listen up, all you Disciples, Operators, Pack... guys, and whoever the hell else is out there these days!"
  • "Hey, hey - got an update for you louses out there."
  • "Who wants some good news? You? Is it you? Because I got some!"
  • "Hey... Hey, guys. I've got a fun one for you..."
  • "Hey, little announcement for you idiots out there:"


  • "This here is Raider Radio - don't forget, if you've got something you want everyone to hear, you're probably wrong and whatever it is sucks. But if you insist, drop us a note and we'll read it on-air."
  • "Hey, here's a friendly reminder: sure, nobody likes the traders. But you can't kill 'em all, or else there won't be anyone around to do all the shitty work you assholes won't do. Think about it."
  • "I have a note here, folks, about a missing person.... and I'm not going to bother reading it. C'mon, you all know by now that missing means dead."
  • "Here's an announcement from Mags Black: To the Disciple who found a red ribbon on her bunk this morning - you know what you did. As do we. God, she even writes like a... Sorry, mic is still on."
  • "Hey, let's get personal for a second here, assholes. Whoever dropped a frag down my favorite toilet... If I find you, you are going to die. Slowly. And Painfully."
  • "Nisha has asked that I pass this along: Mags - Steal from us again, and we'll redecorate Fizztop with Operator Blood. Yikes, sounds personal."
  • "Uhh, Nisha has the following to say to the Pack: Take one more shit on our lawn, and we'll put you down. Hoo boy! I don't write 'em, folks - I just read 'em."
  • "Hey, any of you hear that Nisha once - supposedly - took out an entire raider gang by herself? Looking for facts and/or proof. Come talk to me."
  • "I hear Dixie is looking for volunteers for target practice. I quote: Fun will be had by all. I, uhh... I'd think twice before raising my hand for that one."
  • "A quick note: whoever stole my whiskey bottle - joke's on you! That ain't whiskey! You go right on ahead and keep it!"
  • "Real quick: Whoever gutted an outside trader and piked him right in front of the gates - your handiwork was impressive, but not exactly good for business. Maybe keep that shit at home?"
  • "Got a note here for NIRA, which is... uhh, now that I read this... is this a friggin' love letter? Are you shitting me? NIRA's a robot, you idiot."
  • "Anonymous note has come in: Whoever's dumping bodies in the swan pond - thanks. Totally set the mood for a romantic evening, it really paid off. Damn, you all are disgusting."
  • "Yet another anonymous note: Dear Overboss - if you're listening to this, you're dumber than I thought. What... What is that even supposed to mean?"
  • "General announcement: I don't know where this rumor started that my name is Russell, but... well, it's RedEye, okay? Just RedEye. Forget this Russell shit."
  • "Got a note here: The Pack rules! Okay, sure, and on the back is... no. Damn it, Mason, I told you - I am NOT howling. Ever."
  • "I have a note here from Mags to Mason: Flaming bags of shit? That the best you can do? Okay, I'm sorry, but that's funny. Stupid as hell, but funny."
  • "And now, a note: If someone left an ear in one of the teacups, I got it. There is no name, so... I guess if it's your ear, good luck getting it back."
  • "A general note: to all the assholes sending in notes saying you can do my job better than me, I'll see you all in hell."
  • "Uhh, the Operators would like me to announce that they are hosting a free dinner, for all gang members interested in... nope, they're trying to poison you. Don't go to that."
  • "Got a note here, from.... guess it's someone in The Pack. It's a drawing... of William Black, and... that's a, uhh... okay, no. I'm tearing this up."
  • "Hey, whoever convinced NIRA to stand over me while I was sleeping, thanks a lot. You owe me a new mattress."
  • "Here's a note that came in: Hey Redeye, I heard you were wondering where Super Mutants came from. Maybe you should ask your mom. Real classy, jackass."
  • "Hey, anybody else getting a little tired of drinking Nuka-Cola? I mean, it beats dying of thirst, I guess, but uhh, my teeth ain't looking so good."
  • "To the Operators that sent in a tape of their own song they'd like me to play on the radio: not a friggin' chance. It killed my dog, man. Like, he literally dropped dead when he heard it."
  • "Hey, if you're out there, thinking about crossing the Overboss, ask Mags how that'll work out for you. Oh, that's right - you can't, cause the Overboss killed her."
  • "Just a thought: if any of you out there are thinking about crossing the Overboss, ask Nisha how that'll work out for you. Oh, that's right - you can't, cause she's friggin' dead. Chew on that."
  • "Here's some friendly advice to anyone thinking about screwing over the Overboss: chat with Mason about how that'll go. Oh, that's right - you can't, cause the Overboss wiped out his whole friggin' gang."
  • "If you ain't already noticed, seems like the Overboss is playin' favorites, with the Disciples at the top of the list. Good for them, I guess. Sucks to be anybody else."
  • "If you ain't been payin' attention, the Overboss is giving a lot of territory to the Operators. Good for them, sucks for everyone else."
  • "Have you all noticed that the Pack are being handed a lot of territory lately? I guess the Overboss has taken a liking to 'em. Kinda surprising, since no one ever likes them."
  • "You remember when Colter said we'd take over all of Nuka-World, and then he didn't do shit to make it happen? Look how far we've come. Pretty great, isn't it?!"


  • "Hey, it's your main man RedEye here, sending out some big congratulations to our brand new Overboss! That's right - if you haven't heard, Colter is toast! He's worm-food! Not only did someone survive the Gauntlet, but (s)he took on Colter and won! I already hear people talkin' about some secret agreement between Gage and the gangs, saying whoever took down Colter would take his place. You believe that? I didn't vote for this guy/broad! How come he/she gets to be Overboss? I mean, Hell... If I'd known they were looking for somebody, I'd have thrown my name in that hat, you know what I'm saying? Well, whatever. I can't wait to see what our new leader has planned. At least... can't be any worse than Colter, right? Right?" - Upon completion of Taken for a Ride
  • "Hey, hey - got some news for you all. Word's getting around that the Overboss has been seen meeting up with the head honchos for each of the gangs. No one's told me shit yet, but doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on... That's right - we're takin' the park! The whole damn thing! Don't you shake your head at me - I'm telling you, that's what's going down. You just wait - this new Overboss is the real deal, man. Getting shit done!" - Upon completion of An Ambitious Plan
  • "Ladies and gentlemen... There can be no more doubt! If you had any questions, you can now rest assured that our Overboss is a BAD. ASS. What'd (s)he do? you ask. Oh, nothing much. Just accomplished what we've all been waiting for - taking Nuka-World over. ALL OF IT. I don't know what the Overboss has planned next, but man... Get behind him/her or get the hell out of his way." - Upon completion of The Grand Tour
  • "So here's a little something for you... If you haven't heard, we're taking this show on the road! Oh yeah, you heard me! Gone are the days of sitting around on our asses while everything goes to shit... The Overboss is gonna make sure the whole damn Commonwealth knows who we are! Now that Nuka-World is ours, we're branching out, taking over some of those shit-heap settlements in the Commonwealth, turning them into something better! If you haven't gotten in on this action yet, there's still time - the boss ain't done yet! Talk to your gang leaders about what YOU can do to help!" after Home Sweet Home begins
  • "Man, I tell you, just when I thought I couldn't love the Overboss any more... Do... Do you all even know how good we've got it right now? Boss is setting up a regular Empire out there! Those Commonwealth pukes have rolled over and now work for us, or they're six feet under. Did I tell you, or what? I did! I told you! I said This Overboss... shit's gonna get DONE and look! Just look! We are on top of the world, man. On TOP!" - Upon Completion of Home Sweet Home
  • "Okay, you know what? Screw the Operators/Pack/Disciples! Just... what a bunch of assholes! We're all out here, sweating and bleeding for the Boss' vision, and what - it's not enough for you?! (using condescending voice)You didn't get enough attention from daddy/mommy, so you're gonna throw a tantrum(end of Condescending voice) and take over the power station? Well, you know what? Screw. You. The Overboss is gonna grind you into the fuckin' dirt. In fact, I hope you're already bleeding out. I mean... the Hell you think you're gonna accomplish? After everything the boss has done, you're gonna stand in his way? The rest of you out there - you know what I'm talking about. You see these assholes, you shoot 'em in the face." - after Power Play begins
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen... Savages of all ages... We. Have. Done it! You know what I'm talking about. You've seen the lights. It's... It's beautiful, isn't it? Your hero and mine, the Overboss, has made our dreams a reality! Nuka-World is now officially the best place in the world, and everyone everywhere knows it! You see the Overboss, you get down on your friggin' knees and thank him. Without him/her, we'd be screwed. And then you get right back up, get out there, and tear some shit up!" - Upon completion of Power Play

Conquest progress reportsEdit

  • "Hey, little announcement for you idiots out there: I know you think you're really tough, and that nothing scares you, but do yourself a favor and stick to Nuka-Town. You go to any of the other parks, and odds are you ain't coming back. Don't say I didn't warn ya."
  • "Hey, little announcement for you idiots out there: We got a new Overboss and all, but we're still stuck with the mess Colter left us in. Unless you wanna wind up dead, keep your asses out of parks we ain't secured. There's all kinds of weird shit out there."
  • "In case you haven't heard, the Overboss has cleared out Dry Rock Gulch, and it is all ours! By the Overboss' decree, The Disciples/Operators/Pack are now in charge out there. So if you're on their bad side, might want to think twice before heading in there to check it out." - Upon Completion of High Noon at the Gulch
  • "All those damned robots in the Galactic Zone? No longer a problem, thanks to our kick-ass Overboss! And the Overboss has decided to leave the Galactic Zone in the hands of...The Disciples! Let's hope they don't screw the place up in their own unique, creepy way/The Operators! Maybe with something to do, they won't look so damned bored all the time/The Pack! Means a whole new section of Nuka-World will smell like a brahmin pen, but what can you do?" - Upon Completion of Star Control
  • "Thanks to the hard work of our kick-ass Overboss, I am happy to report that the Safari zone is no longer a death trap! All those crazy-ass mutated animals have been taken care of!he Overboss has left the Disciples/ in charge out there/The Overboss has left The Operators in charge out there/The Overboss has left The Pack in charge out there - they're probably thrilled to have their own cages now." - Upon Completion of Safari Adventure (quest)
  • "Hey, hey - got an update for you louses out there. You know how the bottling plant has been chock-full of Nukalurks for as long as we've been here? Like, I personally know at least three jackasses who got themselves killed trying to loot the place. Anyway, that ain't a problem no more! Our new Overboss has proved he/she deserves the title and cleared out the plant. It's finally safe for us! At the Overboss' orders, the Disciples/Operators/Pack are now running the show out there. If you're on good terms with 'em, maybe they'll share some caps with you. If you're not on good terms, well... Your loss, man." - Upon Completion of A World of Refreshment
  • " I say Kiddie Kingdom and you immediately think what? Ghouls, right? Well, think again, halfwits! Not only did the Overboss wade in there and wipe 'em out...(S)he was nice enough to take the one ghoul left with half a brain, and give him a friggin' job/(S)he took special care to put down the ghoul responsible for all that shit. The man/woman is thorough! You believe that? The Operators are now kings of the castle out there/The Pack are now kings of the castle out there/The Disciples are now Kings... I guess Queens?... of the castle out there, so you lot play nice!" - Upon Completion of A Magical Kingdom

The following lines change depending on the player's progress:

  • "You rejects understand what this means? Nuka-World is ours, man! The whole friggin' park!"
  • "But hey, after a year of accomplishing jack shit, this sure is one hell of a step in the right direction!"
  • "Add another one to the tally, deadbeats. The Overboss is getting shit DONE!"
  • "And if it's ours, do you all realize what this means? Nuka-World... It all belongs to us! All of it! Hell yeah, man!"
  • "With the Galactic Zone under the Overboss' control, I mean... We're doing it, people! We're taking *over Nuka-World!"
  • "Add the Galactic Zone to the Overboss' conquests. Yeah!"
  • "If you've been keeping score at home, you know what this means... The whole god-damned park is ours! Yeah!"
  • "This is it, everyone - we're taking over Nuka-World! I'm telling you, the Safari Zone is just the beginning!"
  • "The Overboss is on a roll now, right? Another zone is all ours!"


  • "Well, in case you ain't heard, things have gone from bad to totally screwed. Our new Overboss has turned on us and has been wiping out Raiders left and right! The rest of you want to try and fight him/her? Go right ahead. As for me, I'm getting the hell out of here, consider this your official notice that Raider Radio is off the damn air FOR! EVER!" - Upon Completion of Open Season

Song introsEdit

  • "This next one, I been hearin' some shit that I ripped this off or whatever. That's bullshit, man. Ain't true. I wrote this. Swear it/This here is a song I wrote totally by myself, without any help at all. A RedEye original, you could say."
  • "Here's a little somethin' which I know you've all heard pieces of before. Only this time, you've got Redeye, the master of story-telling, to lay it on you."
  • "This one ain't about me. It's about this friend... that I have... who is not me."
  • "You all ever feel like you just can't get enough? Redeye hears you, man. He knows what it's like."
  • "So, I was thinking about the time I came to Nuka-World. I ever tell you deadbeats that story? Doesn't matter - I feel like telling it now. Shut up."

Song outrosEdit

  • "Yeah, man. Yeah! Hell yeah! You don't have to come up to me and say "Man, RedEye, that was so good... man, I loved that." I already know it's good, I don't need your approval."
  • "I ain't gonna lie to you all - love hurts. It really does. I mean... that's what my friend said. When he told me the story, and then I went and wrote a song about it. Whatever."


  • Raider Radio can be broadcast outside of Nuka-World by constructing Nuka-World radio transmitters after establishing one raider outpost in the quest Home Sweet Home.
  • Upon completion of Open Season, RedEye will broadcast one last message before the station shuts down for good, although it will still be available on the Pip-Boy menu.


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