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Raider Fish Camp is an unmarked, untracked daily quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Blackeye can be sold mirelurk meat as way to increase reputation with the raiders, but only one product per day. Blackeye requires 15 mirelurk eggs, 10 mirelurk meat, 5 softshell mirelurk meat, or 1 queen mirelurk meat. Giving her a piece of mirelurk queen meat earns more reputation than the other meat types. Occasionally, when delivering the meat to Blackeye, she'll reward the player character with some various cooked mirelurk edibles the raiders had left from their dinner last night, such as mirelurk cake and mirelurk jerky.

This quest cannot be completed until after completion of Strange Bedfellows as the raiders will be hostile to the player character.

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