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Raiders will rush through your Vault and destroy its resources, stop them quickly! Stronger Raiders will even steal CAPS if you're not careful! Upgrading your Vault Entrance will delay Raiders, giving you time to prepare. Putting guards in your Vault Entrance will also provide a front line of defense against the Raiders. You can loot dead Raiders for CAPS and items!— In-game description, under help.

Raiders are hostile characters found in Fallout Shelter.


Raiders will randomly attack the vault while wearing raider armor and armed with various weapons. Once they have opened the door by shooting at it they will move through the rooms and briefly combat any vault dwellers they encounter. During their time in the vault, they will drain some resources, which will flash red to indicate they are being stolen.

They can also be encountered during quests. Their leader (boss) is a man/woman wearing painted metal armor and facial markings. They are also equipped with grenades that inflict damage to the dwellers in the battle.


  • Raiders usually strike in three but their numbers increase depending on how many caps one has.
  • The weapons the raiders carry also varies by tier as well.
  • Tapping on a dead raider will yield caps, recipe, weapons or outfits.


  • On rare occasions if the player has the HD Zoom Out on, they will see a dead raider outside the door.
  • On rare occasions, the raiders will endlessly attack the vault door.