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Major Ragnarsdottir was an officer in the Enclave loyal to Ellen Santiago before 2086.


Ragnarsdottir was a member of the United States Armed Forces based in Washington, D.C. under the command of Colonel Ellen Santiago before the Great War. When the bombs dropped, Colonel Santiago made the decision to answer a radio hail from a bunker in West Virginia and march her unit, including Ragnarsdottir, from D.C. to West Virginia. Upon arrival, they were met by then Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart, his right hand Agent Grey and a handful of generals and loyal soldiers that had already been stationed in the bunker.

After settling into the bunker, Eckhart held a rigged election to make himself nominally president, in the process gaining greater control over the base AI MODUS. After this election, he gathered everyone into an atrium and held an impromptu vote on whether to continue the war with China. He had the people in favor of continuing the war stand next to the only exit, and those against stand next to the far wall. After the vote, he had those in favor exit the room and instructed MODUS to lock the door and gas the people trapped inside.

Unfortunately for Eckhart, this included all but one of the general's who had made it into the bunker. Full access to the military wing required a general, and when the sole surviving general, General Harper, suffered a heart attack in 2083, he had Ellen Santiago promote herself to general via Camp McClintock. When Eckhart started trying to trigger DEFCON 1 so he could launch nukes at China, Ragnarsdottir informed General Santiago of the lengths he was going to, which included unleashing scorchbeasts, liberators and super mutants on Appalachia.

When confronted by Santiago about the means he was using to try and get the bunker on alert, Eckhart drugged her and had MODUS keep her in a medically induced coma, only reviving her to access the military wing. Ragnarsdottir discovered this, and started gathering soldiers loyal to them and Santiago to take down Eckhart. In 2086, they made their move, removing Santiago from her coma and arresting Eckhart. Unfortunately, they set explosive charges on parts of MODUS in an attempt to disable the AI, which was loyal to Eckhart. This failed and in retaliation, MODUS destroyed the weapons lab, killing Santiago instantly, and subsequently released a toxin into the airflow of the bunker, suffocating any human inhabitants inside.[citation needed]


Ragnarsdottir is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Ragnarsdottir follows patronymic Icelandic naming conventions, being a combination of the father's first name and the suffix -son for a male child and -dóttir for a female child. The name Ragnarsdottir literally means "Ragnar's daughter."

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