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This is a transcript for dialogue with Raf.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0042E337 0042E39A Hey, I know you're into "mint condition" and "like new" stuff, but it's all junk, man. Lighten up.
2 0042E338 0042E38A What's in stock today, Raf?
3 0042E339 0042E3A6 Why? You never buy anything. All you do is waste my time, maybe break something. Emphasis on the "may" in "maybe"... MAAAYbe break something.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
11 003FBBE6 003FBBF4 You break it, you buy it. And if you ain't got the chavos, I'll be taking my payment in blood. Threatening
12 003FBBF5 I sell the best shit in the biz. You want to live to fight another day? Shrug off a grenade or two? You buy here.
13 003FBBF6 You want quality, you get it here. Don't care? Pull it off the next pendejo you take out.
14 003FBBF7 I got a "look but don't touch" policy. Tired of cleaning blood prints off my goods.
15 003FBBF8 All merchandise is guaranteed to kill what you want dead.
31 004033F5 People need to appreciate quality protection. They don't know how lucky they are to have me. Speaking to himself.
32 004033F6 Once I finish up that old frame, she's gonna be muy chévere and twice as fast. "frame" as in Power Armor frame.
33 004033F7 Oye, tell Wren to make sure people keep a lookout for salvageable supplies on that next raid. That last haul was beyond repair. Conversational.
34 004033F8 Get lost. Hates the player.
35 004033F9 Quality like this doesn't happen overnight. I put real work into my goods, so no haggling here, entiendes? friendly warning
52 0053AFBF Please don't tell me you're back with more experimental beverages. I'm not sure my stomach can handle it.
53 0053AFC0 Old Lou, he's a character. Kinda scary and depressing as hell sometimes, but he's one of us. Supportive
54 0053AFC1 With la nena back, I gotta keep an eye on my product twenty-four-seven. No way she's gonna mess up my shop. Determined.
55 0053AFC2 That Johnny guy thinks he's hot shit, but I don't trust him. Far as I'm concerned, he ain't one of us.
56 0053AFC3 Anyone who'd try and scam Meg is a real cabrón. She's the reason most of us are still alive. Slight anger.
57 0053AFC4 I'm dying for the chance to get into that vault. Think of all the pristine items that must be inside! Excited.
76 00554A96 I can't believe Lou's gone. We weren't exactly buddy-buddy... but he was one us. Sad disbelief
77 00554A97 I heard Johnny didn't make it. Can't say I'm too banged up about it. He never felt like one of us to me. Dismissive
95 005619F1 Outta my face, asshole. Hates the player.
96 005619F2 You don't belong here. Hates the player.
97 005619F3 Maybe I can get that old watch working tonight. She'll make a pretty good detonator. Speaking to himself.
101 00585843 You know, you're lucky Meg ain't cut you off after that heist. If it were up to me, you wouldn't even be able to set foot in here.