Radtoad egg is a consumable in Fallout 76.


Radtoad eggs are small green and brown round orbs that are identical in appearance to frog eggs. They can be consumed raw to satisfy a small amount of hunger with a very high dose of rads and high chance of disease, or can be cooked to provide additional benefits.


  • One is guaranteed to drop from killed radtoads with a 10%-20% chance for a second egg to drop, depending on enemy level.
  • Found along the stream in Helvetia during the quest Fasnacht Day.


  • The Butcher's Bounty perk does not give a chance for additional eggs to drop from radtoads.
  • Despite their abundance during the Fasnacht Day event, radtoad eggs cannot be used to craft Fasnacht donuts. Instead, frog eggs are used in that recipe.
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