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For an overview page of Radscorpion variants in the Fallout series of games, see Radscorpion.
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These mutated scorpions are able to burrow and attack random rooms in your Vault. Make sure to kill them quickly as their attacks also do radiation damage!— In-game description, under help.

Radscorpions are enemies in Fallout Shelter. They are physically seen in game during vault invasions and quests.


A radscorpion attack is the most dangerous encounter during incidents as it deals heavy physical and radiation damage, and can drain up to 50% of a vault's power if not dealt with quickly. They start appearing when a vault's population reaches 50 dwellers (35 in survival mode.) Unlike the radroaches and mole rats, the radscorpion will jump from room to room very frequently, which makes it very difficult to deal with.

Radscorpions can also be encountered during quests. However, unlike the ones that attack the vault, they deal no radiation damage except for glowing radscorpions. Not only does it constantly deal radiation damage to the dwellers, but it also has a special attack which involves pouncing on a dweller, inflicting massive damage. This attack has the potential to kill a dweller in a single strike.


During an attack, radscorpions will drain the vault of 1000 power points in two minutes, however it will not draw any more beyond that point. The PlayStation version they drain between 40-50% instead.


Radscorpions are encountered during quests, out in the wasteland and as invaders in one's vault in Fallout Shelter.