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Radio log: Aug 29 2077 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape is found on a table in a cave at Spruce Knob Lake.


Johnny Moreno: Trying band.. uhhh... AH-13. *sigh* Lieutenant! I got something!

Elizabeth Taggerdy: I can't make anything out.

Johnny Moreno: Sorry. Working on it.

Roger Maxson: ... Maxson to Appalachia. I repeatedIn-game spelling, this is Captain Roger Maxson.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Give that to me.

Roger Maxson: Seeking any-

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Lieutenant Taggerdy here. Captain? It's you?

Roger Maxson: Lizzy? Damn, it's good to hear a friendly voice.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Captain. I heard... I heard you're a traitor.

Roger Maxson: Traitor? If disobeying unconscionable orders makes you a traitor, then I suppose I am. Lizzy, I'm glad you're alive but I need to find someone in Appalachia. Someone dependable.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: That's where I am. The Thunder was running war games against some jarheads.

Roger Maxson: They still in one piece? By god, Lizzy. This... This is good news.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Roger, you're a traitor. I could be court-martialed even talking to you.

Roger Maxson: Look around, Lizzy. The Army's gone. America's fallen. I know you have questions, but we need to talk. There are things I learned at Mariposa. I got a scientist with me... Doctor Takano. We'll set up a secure channel. I'll answer all your questions, then.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Captain...

Roger Maxson: Lizzy, you know me. We need to talk.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: We'll monitor this band. Taggerdy out.


The title of the holotape presents a lore contradiction - the contents ("America's fallen") indicate that it was recorded in the aftermath of the Great War, while the tape's date precedes that date by nearly two months. This is further reinforced in Taggerdy's journal entry dated October 21, 2077, which states that Taggerdy's Thunder had not been in America, much less Appalachia, until that date. Maxson also was not aware of his unconscionable orders until October 13, 2077[1] and would not have been considered a traitor until October 20, 2077.[2]