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What does not kill you makes you stronger!

Radicool is a an Endurance-based perk in Fallout 76, and a perk in the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode.


The higher your rads, the higher your strength.


Rank Description Form ID
1 The greater your Rads, the greater your Strength (+5 Max STR)! 00393F7A
Nuclear Winter battle-royale The greater your Rads, the greater your Strength (max +5 STR)! 00479D59
Rads Strength bonus
0 - 100 rads no bonus
101 - 190 rads +1 Strength
191 - 280 rads +2 Strength
281 - 370 rads +3 Srength
371 - 460 rads +4 Strength
460 - 999 rads +5 Strength


  • This perk synergizes well with Ghoulish, and Overly Generous.
  • There is a second and third rank of this perk in the game files under the names CUT_Radicool02 and CUT_Radicool03 these perks would have increased the maximum Strength bonus to +10 and +15 respectively.